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Steve, Monsters and 80’s Flashbacks: Stranger Things Final Trailer

Eleven faces Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things dropped its final trailer for season 3 and I am ready for the show and speculation!

Also I was only a kid in the 80’s but the fashion, the fashion! Mainly not fashions finest decade but I miss jelly sandals. I mean I have no doubt I could find them again but it wouldn’t be as fun. Anyway this seasons probably going to give me some strong flashbacks.

So it’s talking and it’s suitably creepy!

Why is it talking? Is it learning for us?

Also Steve better not die. I think he and Dustin need to find better things to do with their free time than find creepy gel things they shouldn’t be playing with but last season they were hunting Dustin’s Upside Down pet.

So I suppose this is progress.

I have long since thought this show ends with Hawkins essentially being lost or becoming a ghost town but there’s some shoots in this trailer that make me think it could happen a lot sooner.

But we have 2 more seasons to go after this one.

Also in both trailers I’m getting some melancholy Hopper vibes. I don’t think they kill him but we could get some kind of Sheriff Dad sacrifice and then the kids have to save him in the next season.

Also how long does the government let this group run around unchecked? Nancy and what’s his name have already shown a penchant for talking to the press.

So what’s it building? Is Hopper headed for a sad finale? Whose the real enemy? Does Nancy get eaten? Do they lose the town and run?

Is Stranger Things a good reason to get out of a July 4th BBQ?

I guess we’ll see that weekend! Also there’s Stranger Things ice cream at Baskin Robbins I did not know that but I will not be waiting until the 4th to try it 🙂

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