Magic Crows & the Same old Characters

the storm crow

The Storm Crow

By: Kalyn Josephson

The Storm Crow is due to be published July 9th but I received a copy in December’s Fairy Loot. (Six months is about right for me actually reading arcs!)

It’s about a land powered by magical crows that people can fly and what happens to that land when the crows are destroyed and war is threatened.

Princess Thia is to be married off to the son of the aggressor’s when she finds the last remaining crow egg still unhatched.

There’s a Prince of questionable intent. Naturally an all too perfect other boy. A plucky badass best friend/guard and an evil Queen. Thia needs to try to hatch the crow and survive in enemy territory long enough for her and her sister to put together a coalition to fight the bad Queen.

There’s some history hinted here that Thia’s dead mom might have sucked just as much as the evil Queen and the Crow riders were interesting (even if I did have a hard time picturing the crow thing) but there’s just not much else to say about The Storm Crow.

Oh yes, it was nice to see Thia dealing with her depression but at the same time I felt like we were mostly being told about it and her time between the attacks and her engagement at times I felt like we were being a bit hit over the head with it. “Don’t forget she was/is depressed!” “I have to do this because I didn’t do anything when I was depressed!” and so on and so forth.

I feel like The Storm Crow was fine and all but felt to been there done that. It didn’t bring anything to the table character wise. Great cover though.

Recommend: Wait. Apparently this is only a duology. But truthfully I’ll probably wait for reviews to decide whether to finish it or not.

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  1. Yeah that cover’s pretty amazing. And I kinda like the crow premise- a crow egg instead of the usual dragon egg haha? Nice to see a review of this. I’ll probably wait on it and maybe pick it up down the line…

  2. This book sounds kind of weird? People can fly crows and the crows are so common that it is even hard to imagine that there remains only the last egg.

  3. Seems like it was a pretty run of the mill read which isn’t a bad thing, but if done well it’s the kinda read we’d all reach out for. Shame it didn’t work for you!

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