Stranger Things: Thoughts & Questions on Season 3 (Spoilers!)

stranger things season three

So I watched the 3rd season of Stranger Things in record amount of time (for me.) I think 3 goes down as my favorite season. I had some issues with it but for the most part I can say I love these characters, love spending time with them and am already excited for season 4.

My standouts and a very important Hopper question below as well as…


The Scoops Troop

the scoops troop

Dustin: You die, I die!

Steve: ….. Okay.

I was really impressed that they managed to build on a winning dynamic from season 2 and actually make it better. Hell they even introduced a brand new character in Robin (Maya Hawke) and not only was she great she managed to fit in perfectly with the team.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Erica’s reintroduction here mostly because we had a (grown-ass) woman who would pull the same “How do I know what I want if I can’t sample everything?” bullshit like once a week when I worked at the chocolate shop. Erica was better when she was just talking and not being such a snot.

Poor Steve though finally wins in a fight promptly winds up tortured talk about characters who can’t win for trying. But man the look of pure happiness on his face when Dustin returned from camp and him and Robin sacrificing themselves for Dustin and Erica to make it out as well as that last conversation in the bathroom. ๐Ÿ™‚

Eleven faces Stranger Things 3

Beat Ups

I know this has always been a dark show but I was actually surprised by some of the violence in this season. Specifically Steve’s beat down and the show down at the sauna between Billy and El.

Which I have to give loads of credit to the acting specifically Dacre Montgomery and Millie Bobby Brown.

The acting and all the effects and stunt work looked amazing this season as were the song choices.

eleven and max

Eleven and Max

Everything is better with a shopping montage.

And this friendship was just so well done. Credit to the writers for fixing this and the actors for making it feel so damned real. I loved Max teaching El about the things Mike and Hopper can’t or don’t want to. It was nice to see Eleven truly smiling and laughing with a friend.

At the end when Max was crying over Billy I was like, “Someone go to her, someone comfort her…” I was so happy to see Eleven pull away from Mike to comfort her friend.

I’ve seen some people on-line make the argument that Max was actually destructive and hurting El by driving a wedge between her and Mike which is just the usual bullshit to me. They must have missed the scene where even Eleven said that Hopper was right she and Mike were spending too much time together. Hopper not Max.

In the end I think it made all four of them (El, Max, Mike and even Lucas) better more rounded characters and what the hell could be objectionable to people about that? And Mike was being an ass this season. Finn Wolfhard was great- that scene with Hopper in the car had me cracking up but boy needed to be put in his place.

the army arrives in stranger things

In fact credit the Duffer Brothers seemed to listen to some of the criticisms on season 2 and I thought this was the best season for the female characters from Joyce right down to Mrs. Wheeler. Nice to see Murray come back and tell Joyce and Hopper to go have sex and I wound up really feeling sorry for Alexei.

Hopper and Murray face the children

Hopper/Joyce & Co

Speaking of Jim Hopper do we think he’s a goes commando kind of guy or is Joyce just really thorough about wet clothing?

Also you would think him and Joyce would be cynical enough to not make a date until after they had saved the world!!!

Anyway I thought David Harbour and Winona Ryder were great this season. Loved the back and forth between the two. Someone tell her about her magnets already! Yes Hopper was on the edge all season but I don’t think it was “toxic masculinity” I think he was supposed to have PTSD and things un-spiraling around him again did not help at all.

There’s a great shot when Alexei confirms what the Russians did and it strikes Joyce and Hopper that the gate’s been opened- he turns away and there’s a close up that looks like sheer doom on his face and then for a while he seems to pull away in a very un-Hopper like response.

I wasn’t really surprised by the ending as I thought he also had an air of tragedy about him all season. If he is the American in the Russian prison I can’t imagine what’s that going to do for his mental health. Hopefully he’s not waiting for El to find him because she still doesn’t have her powers back -and thinks he’s dead.

eleven in stranger things

There were some bumps this season. I think Cary Elwes was a bit wasted. I still feel like Jonathon is bringing Nancy down and while I understood why Joyce wanted out of Hawkin’s a part of me is like, “How can you do that to El and Will?”

Some of the Russians in Hawkins doesn’t make sense either or at least I want to know certain logistics.

But overall it was a great season lots to speculate about (and a little to worry) concerning season four. But this alone feels like it’s paid off my Netflix subscription.

Recommend: Yes.ย I would recommend the show as a whole and if you feel like season 2 was a let down 3 will make you much happier!






15 thoughts on “Stranger Things: Thoughts & Questions on Season 3 (Spoilers!)

  1. I just finished it today and I have thoughts lol. I mostly liked it but I’m still debating whether I liked it more than S2 or not. In a lot of ways I did, in some… not as sure. I did really like Robin’s addition though- just like intro’ing Max last time worked, intro’ing Robin worked as well. And this one definitely felt darker and more violent, whereas before it was just a creepy atmosphere type of thing, more or less.

    I really liked Alexei! And Joyce keeps growing on me, I like her more and more. Hopper though I liked LESS this season. Eleven and Max as friends made me happy haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do agree about Hopper’s reaction though when Alexei tells them the gate is open. He was all like “oh shit”. He sold that really well.

    I didn’t realize that was Cary Elwes until just now! Man, I thought he looked familiar! I kinda felt the same way about them moving away too, mainly because of splitting up the kids. And a certain thing being back? That was kinda cool!

    1. I think my biggest knock on two was Eleven was kept away from the main group for such a long time so even though there was some fragmentation here it wasn’t nearly as bad.

      I know Owens is supposed to be a nice guy but I’m surprised our government doesn’t have more control over them. Sometimes I can’t help think about the amount of unavailable therapy all these people would need and taking them away from the only other people who would understand them??? Though I do get why she did it.

      1. Yeah I get her wanting to leave too, but like you said- after all they’ve been through, separating the kids like that kinda sucks? I mean, they’re the only ones who can relate to each other haha after what they’ve seen!

        I kinda liked the US government as the bad guys too, rather than the Russians. The Russian facility under the mall that went down literally FOREVER was a bit of a stretch- I mean, sure, they used building the mall as a cover to construct all that, but… IDK, that strained my suspension of disbelief just a little! Plus I like the creepiness of the US gov’t having a secret facility and all that. Still… fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Someone definitely dropped the ball on watching Hawkins ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like the theory they have a gate between Russia and Hawkins or the Upside Down connects the two. Which could make more sense of the credits sequence like you said it was fun and that’s enough for me!

  2. Omg that valid and important question about Hop ๐Ÿ˜also how the hell did Joyce bring him to Cabin? He is huge!

    I too couldnt believe Joyce would take them away from their friends like that

    1. They could have spared a minute or two for her dragging him up the cabin steps! Or answering my first question. It’s fundamentally important to the character ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It was a shocking season and I loved it! Just hate that we will more than likely have to wait over a year for season 4 (people are predicting Oct. 2020 due to the pattern of release).
    It amuses me how the Duffer brothers are really spot on with what the 80s was like for young teens and older teens with only a few exceptions. Iโ€™m so used to the 80s being depicted in a stereotypical way, itโ€™s refreshing to have it closer to how it really was.
    Also loved Max and Elโ€™s friendship. Never once thought that Max was getting between El and Mike. It was just a normal ebb and flow of young love.
    The monster was…jaw-droppingly eeeewwwww!
    Great, great, great season!

    1. The stuff with the monster was especially gross this season and the one crawling around in the water after the hospital! Ew.

      Yes to the 80s it’s like had that, did that, thought that. Although my mother does like to point out that while we had a lot of freedom it was home at dark or your in trouble! We weren’t nearly as unsupervised ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. True enough. I was younger than the characters in 85, younger than Erica actually so there’s probably that too! I tend to lump my childhood years together ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t help compare to my nephew today and wonder about the differences- but I think the book I’m reading and show causing flashbacks are getting to me. Don’t mean to ramble!

  4. Great read! I enjoyed the season as well and I also think it’s now my favorite. I really think the ladies absolutely killed it this season! Nancy, Joyce, Eleven, Robin, Erica, and Max were fantastic! Billy made a great villain and the end had me sobbing once we got to the letter. I also LOVED the shopping montage and I’d love to go shopping with Eleven and Max! Nancy’s co-workers annoyed me so much but I love how she continues to trust her instincts even when everyone seems to be against her. Overall, fantastic season and I also can’t wait to see what happens next! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m thinking i may have missed some bits, cuz at the end when Joyce & the family moved out i was all sorts of shocked and surprised ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think the ending overall was super depressing, so here i am hoping there will be something done about it in S4…

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