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The Sirens of Gotham & What’s Next for Harley

Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens

Possibly controversial opinion…

Between DC and Marvel I think DC has the better characters. I mean yeah the cinematic universe Marvel is better although DC has some good animated stuff and DC definitely has the better villains and anti-heroes in my humble opinion of course.

I reread Gotham City Sirens recently and really appreciate not just the emphasis on Harley, Ivy and Catwoman but the emphasis on the importance of support and friendship.

Okay Catwoman and Ivy aren’t exactly friends more like frenemies or even people who tolerate each other but when the chips are down and one of them is possessed or some strange shit that happens in Gotham they come through!

Sirens isn’t perfect. I forgot how much of the Batman/ Catwoman memory past mystery stuff is in here and if you don’t have some idea what’s going on you may be a little confused. I mean it helps that Harley and Ivy really don’t know either but its still a bit off-putting. I also didn’t love what was happening to the neighborhood dogs. (Oh Harley…)

But we don’t see that so I can forgive it.

I do like the art- it’s bright and colorful even if there were moments where I couldn’t help but think the really good stuff was being obscured a bit by the butt and boob shots.

I also hate to admit the best stuff was the Harley/ Joker storyline but not for the two of them together so much as for the moments Harley stops to consider her own mental health, where she stands and how other people might consider it.

It was quick but it stacks as one of my favorite Harley bits ever.

I hate to admit that I’m looking forward more to the upcoming animated show on DC’s streaming than the Birds of Prey movie though I’ll see it no doubt. I do wish we were getting Sirens with Ivy (who my mind will forever fancast Eva Green) and Catwoman (forever going to be Michelle Pfeiffer in my head) or at the very least getting Barbara Gordon in Birds of Prey.

I’ll keep an open mind and I’m looking forward to whatever comes out of Comic-Con. Still my heart is with Harley and the Sirens.

Recommend: Yes. Despite some confusion with the Batman stuff it was still a fun read for me with a good message of friendship and support.

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