IT Final Trailer & Reading Dilemma


Me: I’m going to finally read IT next. I’m going to do it. I’m going to be brave…

Final trailer drops.

Me: Maybe I’ll wait a little while longer.

I liked the first trailer but I think as trailers go this one is so much better. It showcases more of the cast to which is nice. I can’t wait for September 6th.

Poor old Georgie’s definitely holding a grudge huh?

The book is still sitting on my shelves calling to me, “Read me, read me…” But I tend to find the books more frightening than movies in the horror genre so I still want to get to it  hopefully before the film but I keep finding excuses.

It’s so big.

It’s going to be traumatic.

You liked the first movie more than you thought and maybe that’s because you didn’t read the book first! Maybe you should be unspoiled…

But than again if you don’t read it first you probably never will!

Oh my Gosh, Pennywise is going to drive me crazy!

I have a feeling its going to be one of those books where I’m reading it unable to put it down and the whole time going, “Oh you shouldn’t be reading this. You should not be reading this!”

Enjoy the trailer!