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Marvel Comic-Con Musings

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So Marvel had their big Comic-Con reveals Saturday night a lot of things to be very excited for even if I do feel a little burn out overall. And some choices make me wonder what they’re going to do with the stories.

First if I had heard Rachel Weisz was going to be in Black Widow I forgot about it in my Florence Pugh/David Harbour love. I’ll give Scarlet credit she’s built a top-notch talented charismatic cast for the film.

Also Don Lee’s going to be in The Eternals movie.

I literally screamed, “My train to Busan guy!” I loved him and between him and Richard Madden I’m going to have to read up on The Eternals.

The Blade news was cool but I have to go with my roommates first question, “Is it going to be Blade or is it going to be PG-13 Blade brought to us by Marvel?”

I was also super happy to hear Elizabeth Olsen is confirmed for the next Doctor Strange. I love her and her character and feared she was being shuffled off to the streaming.

Honestly if there’s a movie or two characters with which to do the multi-verse they’d get my vote.

On the other hand I’m not the least bit interested in any of the shows and the fact that now Disney is connecting them all to the movies is kind of pissing me off. But at least the movie should be interesting.

It was also announced that not only is Natalie Portman returning in Thor 4- she’s playing Lady Thor.

I actually loved this comic storyline and I think the actors could kill it. But I think one of the things that made it so interesting in the comic and so heartbreaking is the cancer. Would they touch that one with a hundred foot stick in the films?

Also Taika Waititi who directed Ragnarok is directing this one and while that film was entertaining I wouldn’t exactly say it was a balanced tone. He seems to prefer comedy which is fair and obviously that’s what people want. I also think the cancer element might read unfairly to some people like she was being punished even though that came before hand and it was a choice she was making to do what needed to be done.

Plus we really don’t need to give Thor more pathos.

So yeah lots of interesting stuff. Great castings all around but we’ll see where the story leads.

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