Things I’ll Never Say: Book Edition

Alice grabbing a book on her way to wonderland

Today’s Top 10 Tuesday is a Freebie so I put together a list of all the book related things I have never said or on the off chance I have I’ve said it to people who darned well knew I didn’t mean it!

Ew a bookstore? Not again! I can think of so many better places to go!

Book covers don’t matter to me at all.

sorcery of thorns
One of my many cover purchases.

Graphic novels have no inherent story value.

Sarah J. Maas writes such healthy examples of relationships.

a court of wings and ruin

George R.R. Martins writing is so much better and entertaining once you get away from A Song of Ice and Fire. I can see why he doesn’t bother with that silly series anymore.

Hermione is such an underrated character!

harry and hermione get caught

Goodreads is a great website. If you want the best gauge of a book go to the Goodreads rating.

High-school me was right. Classics are pointless and boring.

the lord of the rings

I really wish Cassandra Clare would write more Shadowhunter Novels.

Audiobooks aren’t really reading. I mean I don’t even have to look at them!

amber heard as mera
Really? A book buying ban… You?

I’m going on a book buying ban.

My TBR is completely empty!


19 thoughts on “Things I’ll Never Say: Book Edition

  1. Lol…fun post! That last one I totally believed though. I mean everyone’s TBR that I know is totally empty all the time right? 🤔🤔😂😂

  2. :)) Funny! Great post.
    Speaking of audiobooks, I’ve never been a fan. I am one of those who doesn’t really consider them as books or the process of listening as reading (I know, the horror), but that’s just because I can’t concentrate on audio. I can’t immerse myself and actually understand what I’m hearing. But I have been trying lately, on the treadmill…:)

    1. I was the same a couple of years ago actually I listen to them best when I’m out on a walk. But I can totally understand why they don’t work for some people!

  3. Ha ha lmao over Sarah Mass. And yeah I can’t go by a bookstore without going in. It’s a problem. 🙂

    And Martin too. Oh my gosh right??

  4. Ouuuh that was entertaining! Nice idea!

    Ithink you forgot some; « I have enough books at home, no need to buy more » ooor maybe « Yep, i’m done. I don’t need to spent hours in here (library/bookshop), I know what I want. »

  5. Wait? So if you wouldn’t say “Hermione is such an underrated character!” then you think she isn’t underrated so does that mean you don’t like her and think she got too much time? Or you think she is awesome and got lots of time? Help me 😂😂

    I agree with most of these tho!!! 😀

  6. Hehehe 😀 Love this post!
    The good old audio book argument. I’ve been told a few times that “it’s not reading”, to which my response was “so?”… still exasperating tho.

    I don’t think i will ever read the Harry Potter series, so the Hermione reference just sort of flew over my head. But i have a colleague who can get super offended over all sorts of harry potter related comments. I find it quite funny 😀 Maybe i should ask her what her take is on this particular topic 😀

  7. Stephanie Meyer, E.L. James and Sarah J. Maas 🤝

    Toxic relationships. Okay, I don’t know how the handshake tweet works, but you get the gist.

    Goes on Goodreads book review, sees Emily May, exits goodreads. 😔

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