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The Best Teachers of Books, TV & Film

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Summer is over and it’s time for my 2nd favorite time of year…

Back to school!

Okay, I haven’t had to go back to school in years but I still love when the school supplies come out and it means Fall is definitely in the air so I thought I’d do some of my favorite teachers in books, films and shows.

Mr. Bruner in The Edge of Seventeen

Okay, he was a little sarcastic at times but when Nadine really needed him he was there. I liked her and all but quiet frankly he had the patience of a Saint and Woody is always first rate!

Sister Michael in Derry Girls

Okay, she’s the Head Mistress but her brutal honesty and done with it all spirit honestly she’s the best part of a great show! Season 2 is on Netflix and it’s completely with the watch if you need a laugh.

She’s the Head Mistress we all should have in our lives.

The Librarian

Yes technically not a teacher. Also technically an ape. But he’s honestly the smartest person at the university (which is not saying much no) but I love him almost as much as Luggage and he’s pretty much a staple of the series so far.

Besides there’s is literally only one better librarian that should be on this list:

Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Watcher. Friend. Teacher of slaying. Father-figure. Reformed Bad Boy who once had sex with Buffy’s mom on a cop car (Band Candy is still one of my all-time favorite episodes!) I simply could not do the best teachers without including him.

The Sisters of the Convent of Sweet Mercy

Strong, flawed and loving women of all ages who are admittedly teaching strong flawed and loving girls of all ages to be assassins and spies.

Yes because of that the poison teacher is actually allowed to poison the students (how else would they learn?) and classes consist of serious weapon training and some mysticism.

But teachers and warriors. How awesome is that?

Scott Clarke from Stranger Things

He’s just a really good caring teacher who only wants the best for his students and generally seems to like them even when they interrupt his date. But seriously? I hope he finds out what’s going on in Hawkin’s next season.

And honestly no list of Best Teachers can really be complete, for better or worse, without the teachers from Hogwarts.

Much as I loved the films I do think they got a better representation in the books overall. And no they weren’t all perfect by a long shot. I mean Harry Potter also gives us one of the worst teachers in ages in Miss Dolores Umbridge. (I’ve seen polls where she tops Voldemort for villainy!)

But I would still totally go to school at Hogwarts any day of the week!

And of course I recommend all the above for reading and viewing pleasure when school gets a little too much. I hope everyone going back or sending kids back has a great year ahead 🙂


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