Adaptation News: Good vs. Evil & Blacks vs. Greens


I’ll get to the dragon news but in already filming news have I been sleeping on the fact we’re getting a new adaptation of The Stand? It’s only my favorite King book and I actually really liked then 90’s miniseries.

How in the hell did I miss that?

Probably because it’s going to be on CBS All Access.

But the recent news that Alexander Skarsgård has been cast as Randall Flagg. Well I might have done a little dance. (I guess we know what side I’d be on in the apocalypse right?) I actually also like James Marsden, Whoopi Goldberg and even Amber Heard as Nadine.

The Stand

We’re getting it in 2020 and I’ll definitely watch.

In other exciting news HBO is apparently close to green lighting a series based on the Targaryen civil war  also known as the dance of dragons. And what I like to call that time the idiots ruined themselves, the dragons and nearly all of Westeros. I actually loved the story though and like most of Martin’s dragon work it’s so damned cinematic that if they’re willing to put the money behind it (and not let Benioff and Weiss near the writing) it should be amazing!

My head cast for Princess Rhaenyra has pretty much stayed the same since I read the story:

rebecca ferguson

Please HBO you cost me Stoneheart let me have Rebecca Ferguson riding a dragon.  As for her brother? Honestly I’ve also always imagined Tom Hiddleston in that role or there’s always a Skarsgård brother. They seem popular these days 🙂

Either way as someone who has zero interest in the Long Night the Dance of Dragons is a huge draw for me!

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  1. Omgggggg we’re getting Dance of Dragons? Eeeeeeek! I’m hoping it’ll be released next year. I can see the actress looking the part for Rhaenyra. I hope we get Roberts’s Rebellion too and more on Aegon I, but particularly Maegor the Cruel, he’d be fascinating to watch.

    1. If it gets green light I’m guessing not until 2021 if that. There’s going to be lots of special effects I mean we only got the baby dragons for 30 seconds after the entirely of season one in GOT here it’s going to be multiple full grown right from the beginning! My dragon loving heart is just going to have to be patient I suppose 🙂

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