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The Tenth Girl Blog Tour!

The Tenth Girl

The Tenth Girl

By: Sara Faring

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of The Tenth Girl in order to participate in the Fantastic Flying Book Club Tour! I was very much looking forward to this read so thanks to them for the opportunity!

Mavi is fleeing to a new life when she’s offered employment at an isolated boarding school at the tip of South America. The school and the house is shrouded in legend and mystery- this is the reopening decades after a plague wiped it out and there are rumors of others ghosts haunting the land.

Mavi doesn’t have much of a choice and she’s happy enough until the girls start acting strange becoming ill and everything escalates more and more until one of the girl’s disappears off the face of the Earth.


I liked The Tenth Girl but I have to say it’s not what I expected it would be from the synopsis or from discussions I had previously heard about the book on Youtube. The ending really changes the book and while I liked it I can understand why opinion might wind up very divided on this one. I don’t want to give away spoilers in a blog tour review but if you are expecting a typical ghost story you’ll likely be disappointed by the end.

I also think there should be trigger warnings on this one for rape, peodophilia, abuse and actual torture in one scene.

But it’s still a strong debut. Mavi is a really good main character. She’s immediately likable and sympathetic. I enjoyed following her through the story. I liked the girls as well and the symptoms were suitably creepy.

The story really excels at atmosphere. Both with the house, the larger location and the history of the land. By the ending there might have been too much going on and not enough time for it to land as strongly as it should have but I still really enjoyed The Tenth Girl.

It wasn’t what I thought but still an interesting unexpected read.

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