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Book Options for Spooky Reading

harley and spooky books

Since I suck at doing TBR’s I thought I’d call this my Spooky Book Reading Options for the month of October and maybe throw some ideas out there if any of you are looking for some Halloween reads.

Honestly just the idea of this creeps me out-a young widow finds out that what’s locked behind the door is a figure of her and hey is it moving?


I also would like the read The Corset by Laura Purcell which seems like a murder mystery with a hint of the supernatural.

I am a sucker for a Ruth Ware book. Buying them at least because I’ve never actually read any. But I plan to change this! And from what I understand this one somehow involves tarot cards!

The Turn of the Screw super intrigues me because it involves a governess in a big old run down manor house strange things begin to happen and she must question whether its real or not. Plus the audible book is narrated by Emma Thompson which I have to admit goes a long way toward me picking it up on audio.

Speaking of classics I’m rediscovering my love of Stephen King and anything horror related. I’d like to read this one and it’s sequel Doctor Sleep before the movie comes out in November so I definitely think I will make it to the Overlook Hotel this month.

Whether I regret it or not is a whole other story 🙂

Oh and books that have been on my shelves forever and a day. I really need to get to Lair of Dreams the second book in The Diviners series… so than I can read the third. I’m not overly sure what this one is about but it involves sleep and dreams and that always freaks me the hell out.

Okay, so this is more sci-fi than horror I suppose but once I learned what was actually on the planet… eek. Nightmare territory for me. Honestly if I had heard that before I bought it I probably wouldn’t have (even though it was only 1.99) but now there’s a sick part of me that definitely wants to read it.

Witchcraft and a town held hostage by a criminal inspired by the tales of Edgar Allen Poe.


A nonfiction book that the synopsis describes as, “an extraordinary journey into our relationship with darkness, burial and what lies beneath the surface of both place and mind.”

Sounds like a Halloween read for me!

Lastly I hope to read Invasion of the Body Snatchers a book that heavily influenced one of my all-time favorite King novels (and a whole lot of other things of course) it’s a rather short read and I really hope I can get to this one!

So it’s a long list (and I actually have more options) between these and a couple of books I’d like to read for Victober I imagine I’ll be happy if I even manage half!




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