Shadow and Bone Casting News!

Shadow and Bone

So we have some casting news about the Shadow and Bone/Six of Crows series coming to Netflix and it looks really good. But it does lead to probably my biggest personal hang- up in YA fantasy casting adaptations.

But first of all Ben Barnes is the Darkling!!! And he’s the only one I’m familiar with though I do like the look of Freddy Carter as Kaz mostly because when I first saw the picture I thought, “Wow! He could either be a total sweetheart or an utter ass…” which is a pretty good Kaz.

But my other main thought was they all look so young.

the announced shadow and bone cast


When I’m reading YA especially fantasy or sci-fi I just age them all up in my head. (Not so easy to do with YA contemporary.) Not just YA either I aged all the ASOIAF characters up in my head because, ew, they really should have been so I was probably the one person in the world whose head characters matched the castings age wise.


But once I get over that shock the cast actually looks really good. Though no offense to the guy playing Mal but I don’t think there’s an adaptation possible where I’d like him but who knows maybe they’ll give him a personality in here.

There have been some names thrown around for the other characters but this is the official so far. I for one cannot way to see Zoya and Matthias. And I’m super excited this series is definitely going forward 🙂





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  1. I feel like the casting for kaz and inej look perfect! I actually thought the opposite though that they look too old to be 16-17 and should have casted younger…but then again I always feel that in what seems like every movie/show casting adults to play teens…

  2. I age up people when I read too 😂😂 I tend to read as if the main characters are my own age. Though like you said this doesn’t work as well with contemporaries! I am super excited for the show!!

  3. I actually really like the cast. The Kaz and Inez actors seem really good, although I haven’t heard of them before. Curious to see the Alina-Darkling-Mal dynamic on screen, and especially how they will fit it with the Six of crows storyline. Isn’t Alina’s story like 50 or 100 years before Six of crows? I might be wrong…

    1. I think it’s pretty close because Zoya and Genya and Nina all know each other but they might be fudging the times a bit and moving up the Six of Crows stuff.
      I didn’t like Mal so with Ben Barnes playing the Darkling I’m going to be like girl what is wrong with you? Embrace your dark side! And no Nikolai this season 🙁

  4. hehehe I totally hear you about Mal 😉 I really don’t like the character, so I feel bad for the actor, cos I feel like there’s no way I’m gonna like him. This casting news makes me so so so excited though!! Everyone looks great- but the Barnes casting is inspired!!

    1. Especially up against Barnes. Like I wasn’t for Alina and Darkling in the book (anyone but Mal!) but Barnes will definitely make it harder to root for her staying good 🙂

  5. I’m so happy that Inej looks just how I imagined her to be! Yay! Unless it’s Bollywood, Eastenders, or Riz Ahmed and Dev Patel, I barely see any rep that look like me. But I’ll see, I’m still cautious.

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