Characters Traits I Get Heart Eyes Over…

woody and bo peep in toy story 4

Top Ten Tuesday today is Character Traits that Make You Love Them which sounded like the perfect chance to do an ode to the characters I love.

I was really going to go for it but had to control myself because while great hair and a killer beard might give me heart eyes it’s not really a trait.

 Most apply to multiple characters obviously.

Bill Hader in It

Uses humor to hide the fact they are actually scared, sad teddy bear in desperate need of a hug.

bloody grace in ready or not

Survivors: Never gives up. Never surrenders.

See also: Carol & Michonne from the Walking Dead, Harley Quinn and Barbara Gordon, etc.

Thor in Endgame

Tragic Hero.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Noble Hero.

See also: T’Challa, Aragorn

Tom Hardy

Lover of animals.

See also: Frank Castle, John Wick

toby stephens as captain flint

Ability to make bad ideas and poor decision making skills actually somehow work for them.

See also: a startling amount of Marvel Universe characters, Steve Harrington

charlize theron in snow white and the huntsman

True Mad Queens.

See also: book Cersei Lannister, Regina George

Emma Stone in the Favourite

Fast Learners.

Harley Quinn

The eternally hopeful and optimistic.

See also: Anne Shirley and Leslie Knope

Dad Tony Stark

Learns to care so much they want to tell everyone they love how to live their lives despite the fact they were barely managing their own until a couple of years ago and a massive trauma.

catelyn stark in game of thrones

The eternally misunderstood, ill-treated and deserving of better.

See also: Sansa Stark, Arianne Martell and Brienne of Tarth

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.14.43 PM

The imaginative and embracing of wonder.

See also weirdly: Harley Quinn, Anne Shirley & Leslie Knope

villanelle returns in killing eve

Does not give a shit about shit.

eleanor and chidi

Train Wrecks. Making it work somehow but still train wrecks.

ron swanson

The perpetually over it.

See also: Sister Michael, April Ludgate, & Jim Hopper



13 thoughts on “Characters Traits I Get Heart Eyes Over…”

  1. Ohh those are some good ones !!

    I gotta say I quite like my cocky guys XD the over-estimating themselves, know-it-all kind. But on the opposite, I can’t help but fall for the too pure character aswell; the one you just wanna protect at all cost.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YOU BROKE MY HEART BY INCLUDING TONY STARKK! 😭😭😭 He’d have been better off being an asshole and not really caring about anything, I am telling you! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Liked by 1 person

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