The First Family of Odd Returns

the full Addams family

The Addams Family

Directed by: Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan

Their creepy and their kooky

their all together spooky

animating Oscar Isaac

is actually a cruelty

Well, if you’re going to animate him at least make it look like him.

Morticia, Lurch and Gomez return

That was probably my biggest hang-up (that and the song crawling around my brain for days now) I kept watching it thinking why is it animated? Okay other than some things like Pugsley nearly killing Gomez with a rocket I thought the originals where actually more stylish and managed a better atmosphere. I’m not sure what animation brought to it.

It’s basically what you’d otherwise expect of an Addams Family- a family film with a message of accepting differences not just of other people but of each other as the Addams plan for a family reunion at the same time a real estate mogul is trying to sell the new development she sank everything into.

Wednesday and a new friend

It’s mostly jokey oh aren’t we weird and different. Wednesday goes to school and makes a new friend and learns she can wear pink which leads to some problems with her mother and makes Morticia question their relationship. That was the best stuff for me. But it’s all also very quick and surface level stuff that could have been more powerful.

It’s a very good family film though- I think kids would enjoy it. But then again people had young kids in my screenings of Joker last week and It Chapter 2 previously so maybe I don’t know kids that well 🙂

There were some cute jokes and gags with very nice voice work. (Finn Wolfhard and Charlize Theron could also easily be live-action Addams.) But there were also some that fell flat and felt way too try to hard- especially with Uncle Fester.

So in the end while I’d recommend the song sums it up best the Addams Family is…



Wait for tv

Recommend: Yes– but you can wait to rent it or hey even wait to view it for free.

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  1. Why… does his moustache also look like his nose? Lol!

    Did Morticia question whether Wednesday was truly her daughter because she was interested in wearing pink? Lol! I’ve always thought the Addams family was more dark humour, I’m operating on zero knowledge here, but I guess I’ve got it all wrong.

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