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Dark & Spooky Fall Reading Recommendations

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I’m a very mood/seasonal reader. So around this time of year I’m definitely on the hunt for scary dark books, thrillers, creepy weird stuff you wouldn’t normally find me reading in the dog days of Summer. I recently did a TBR  of what I want to read this spooky season I thought I’d offer some good book recommendations of things I already read and loved!

Life rule: If something seems too good to be true it probably is. I just finished this one recently but it was a really fun read for this time of year. It’s about a girl who gets a$1000 a week job to apartment set at one of the fanciest richest buildings in New York.

In desperate need of money she jumps at the chance. I think the best thing about this one was even though I thought I knew what was going on the truth was way more creepy!

One night in London the residents of one building fall into a forced sleep. When they awake several of the women find themselves pregnant. Is there anything more terrifying? The Fallen Children follows the characters as they fight to deal with what happened and why they still might not have any control over their fates or their bodies.

A lot of the times “dark magic” in YA doesn’t seem any darker than most or usual. Price Guide surprised me by how far it went and connecting the use of magic to fame and power and the outside world. Lots of very interesting elements in this one.

Okay even after reading IT I think the Tommyknockers is still scarier. Mainly because of what happens after Bobbi Anderson finds the ship and begins to dig it up. Eek. I do appreciate the fact that Haven is right next door to Derry. Maine was really just a hot bed of supernatural occurrences in the 80’s wasn’t it?

Speaking of Stephen King I’ve been seeing reviews of his newer book the Institute that very much make me think of another of his classics:

Firestarter is about a young girl who has powers from her parents time in a government study (this lends some very large influences to early seasons of Stranger Things) and her and her fathers quest to avoid capture and further testing. Meanwhile someone else is hunting for Charlie for completely different but still nefarious purposes.

Firestarter is perfect for this time of year but its very melancholy if not outright sad.

Family secrets and monster hunting sisters in the early 1900s. I loved this even more when she risked her life to save the dog also very girl power without being too obvious. It’s a great read for this time of year but not to scary and man if anything could be adapted well I’d love to see Odd & True.

Okay This Is Not a Test is another old favorite but truly it’s one of the best zombie anything I’ve read or watched period. Possibly because it takes place in a high school but I just thought Summers nailed the feelings of dread so well. Our main character isn’t really trying to survive as biding time until she dies.

Oh especially the early chapters with her family when everything kicks off. I think Summers perfectly captures what most people would feel like when the loss is so profound you can’t even really accept it.

You’ll never look at Ikea the same way again. I honestly had more fun with this one than I thought it’s about one of those big factory like stores that may or might not set on a portal to a hell like place and our characters who get locked in for the night and must survive.

Seriously next rainy day your mom says hey want to go walk around Ikea with me give her this.


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