Ninth House is Worth a Pledge

Ninth House

Ninth House

By: Leigh Bardugo

Ninth House was probably my most anticipated book of the year. It’s one of my favorite authors making the jump from YA to Adult. Although I admit I find that line really blurred already especially in Bardugo’s case.

Strong but flawed heroine, ghosts, magic, creepy towns and an ages old murder mystery mixed in with a current murder was right up my alley and perfect for this time of year.

Alex Stern has spent years hiding behind drugs when she’s the only survivor of a massacre she gets an amazing second chance to attend Yale University. But there are strings attached. Big ones. Alex must use her gift of seeing the dead to join Lethe House- a super secret society that polices the other magic wielding, power hungry super secret societies.

Things do not exactly go well for Alex and when a young town girl is murdered her own past urges her to keep investigating when everyone else tells her to let it go.

Leigh Bardugo actually went to Yale so it’s a great look at the campus and New Haven. I especially loved her descriptions of the campus. It took a while for Alex to grow on me and at times I actually felt like she was a little much. But you can understand it given her past which is strung with drugs, assault, rape and extreme violence.

But I actually came to admire her in the end. Her relationship with Detective Turner was good but the whole time I was thinking Alex you shouldn’t be faking your way through art school you should actually be a Detective. The mystery is intriguing and its depths unfold slowly.

I like the magic systems in here as well. The danger of it and how the rich used it (sometimes to effect such stupid menial things.) Plus there’s also a cool helpful library. And some hellhounds 🙂

I enjoyed her mentor Darlington but wound up much preferring her relationship with Dawes for both characters.

Points too because I did not see the ending coming. I’m not entirely sure it worked and I think more time with one character was needed- but overall it was fine. This is the first book in a new series and I have to say I’m excited about book two and what comes next!

Recommend: Yes.

Ninth House had some minor issues but was an overall win. I recommend if you’re looking for a spooky adult mystery (keep in mind the content) and if you like Leigh Bardugo’s other series.

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  1. I am SOOO glad that you enjoyed it enough to recommend because honestly, I was starting to lose my excitement for it after reading a few negative reviews!! 🤣🤣


  2. I’m so torn about reading this book. Alex sounds amazing! But what sort of drove me crazy about the six of crows series is that the build up takes forever, but Bardugo sure knows how to create complex characters. Is the build up worth it?

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