House of the Dragon Straight to Series

jon and dany in the iron throne

So we’re definitely getting House of the Dragon which is the Targaryen prequel to Game of Thrones that has been talked about for a while. If you’ve read Fire and Blood or know anything about the history… well the family is a mess but quiet honestly more interesting than these two screw-ups so I’m excited!

It also means lets all find our favorite blondes and start fan-casting!

I know there’s hair dye and wigs and please, please cast Rebecca Ferguson as something (I still say Rhaenyra when they get to the dance) because I really want to see her riding a dragon.

But I would also love to see them cast Samara Weaving…

Samara Weaving as Grace

She’d be a great Rhaenys. Oh the fangirl in me is like we’re going to see Meraxes and Hellholt and please, please let’s have a little justice for Dorne after it’s poor treatment in GOT!

(Which okay-  I really, really want to see a writer’s room on this series and female writers involved as well as other diverse writers across the board.  The names that are definitely mentioned are Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal as well as George R.R. Martin being intimately involved.

If I’m being kind and understating there were problems with the writing for the female characters in the original series that likely could have been pointed out and done better if there were other voices in the room period and Benioff and Weiss were listening. I pray Sapochnik, who worked with them several times as a director, does not bring over that same close-mindedness. Aside over.)

Winds of Winter

Okay I had to edit this because while I wrote a little cynical bit that Martin’s involvement is probably the end of Winds of Winter he did take the time to make it perfectly clear on his Not a Blog that he’s not writing any scripts or anything else until after he delivers Winds.

And he really wants to work on Dragons so I’m… tentatively more hopeful for Winds of Winter all the sudden 🙂

House of the Dragon is still a long way out. Hopefully all the CGI practice they had on the Thrones dragons will only be further advanced I mean Balerion the Black Dread needs to be spectacular from the start. But excited as I may be I’ve been burned before and I think I’ll have less patience overall with the series.

I mean if they can get past oh even the first three episodes without a brothel scene I’ll consider that a pretty good idea of where this is going!






15 thoughts on “House of the Dragon Straight to Series

  1. Oh my gosh I hope this is UNLIKE some of the messes that Benioff and Weiss gave us! But this could be very very good depending on how it’s done. Crossing my fingers 🙂

  2. After that final season I don’t think I can ever be interested in this franchise. I’ve never seen something more butchered than this, Weaving and Ferguson are awesome choices though!

  3. I’ve been such a slacker, I haven’t read Fire and Blood yet even though it’s been sitting on my shelf for weeks. I’m all for Weaving in anything after Ready or Not, so I support this. lol

  4. I hope they do an amazing job with this! I feel like after the last season of GOT they have a lot of pressure to get it right. Tho if its still on HBO I wouldn’t hold your breath on the no brothels thing haha.

  5. I hope they don’t screw it up, Daenerys was so complex and the show nowhere near highlighted the nuances of her character, Emilia on Drogon was its saving grace. Okay, enough about that. I LOVED Fire and Blood, and I was beaming at how Dorne defied Targaryen rule. I can’t wait to see who they cast as Alysanne and Jahaerys. I can’t wait to see what people’s reaction to Maegor the Cruel will be. I’m still cautious about Winds of Winter apparently releasing this year!

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