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It’s End of Year List Time!

the grinch

I’m trying not to think of the End of the Year looming or the end of the decade for that matter. But I do need to get some organization going so I thought I’d do the tag but make it a bit of a catch-all for books, films and television!

The tag was originally created on Youtube by Ariel Bissett.

Anything started that I still need  want to finish:

I started the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde hoping I could read it for Victober which was just crazy on the face of it. I’m not even done with the two sections I started but since I’ve read some of his plays and Dorian Grey before I think once I get to them I’ll be able to fly through.

The final season of Parks and Recreations.

I mentioned in my anxiety helpers that I had never watched the final season because then it would be over for good. But several of you said I really should plus it’s going to be gone from Netflix next year (I think as soon as January) I’m on episode seven so I’ll finish but it will make me so sad 🙁

Do you have a book, film or show that works as a transition into fall/end of the year?

For some reason I only watch (or read) the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings films this time of year.

What’s a new release I’m still waiting for?

November 19th

November 26th


I should be reading this as this post goes up 🙂

What do you want to read or watch by 2020?

See above in terms of books.

In terms of movies I made a list the other day and there was like 41 films I’d like to watch by the end of the year but that’s not going to happen so I think my top 3 would be:

The Farewell


Ad Astra

A book that could surprise me and become my new favorite?

Well I have great hopes for the three mentioned above. I’m also hoping to read Little Women and want to love that!

Do you already have plans for 2020?

Really, really like to read more of what’s on my shelves already. And to be honest unlike this year where even at November there was a list of new releases in 2019 that I wanted that’s just not the case.

A Murderbot novel is coming and I’m all over my favorite AI. But that’s about it.

In terms of reading and film though I’d love to keep expanding. I read some translated fiction this year outside the usual scope of what I’d pick up and I’d like to geographically expand where possible. I have some good recommendations for Bollywood films to get to and I’m always open to suggestions for books or films if anyone knows any good ones 🙂

And if you are bummed about the end of the decade being only two months away well, here’s the Stranger Things season 3 bloopers for a laugh!

In the hopes that we see 4 in 2020 🙂

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