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Dream Holiday Films & Rambles

North Pole in Noelle

I was thinking about a list of things that would make a perfect holiday film for me. It was a childhood dream to be an elf in the North Pole- so there’s that… But then my mind went – Jason Momoa or Tom Hardy can be Santa and then I started thinking…

Hey why shouldn’t Venom 2 be Christmas movie?

And it pretty much went downhill from there 🙂

Venom 2: Venom and Carnage do the Holidays…

Proving that my mind is not solely on certain guys and the holidays… there’s also baby Yoda bringing back joy to Star Wars so come on Disney post the Holiday special! I’m mean Harrison Ford might very well sue but still I’d watch. It would probably give me less nightmares than the Cats trailer!

(After the second trailer my roommate has taken back her original statement of only if I can drink and now she says there’s not enough alcohol in the county.)

Jon Favreau apparently wants to do an updated Life Day!

But speaking of Star Wars I was thinking Adam Driver could play a great non-Santa believing cynic in a Miracle on 34th Street remake… or really the cynic in any old Christmas remake. We all know his heart is going to melt at the end.

And just so I’m not completely losing my touch- Oscar can play Santa!

Adam: Hey I swear I know you.

Oscar: Yeah, you tortured me in another galaxy…

Adam: Wait. What?

Oscar: Only coal for you young man!

Sleep I have had not.

We’re getting a series adaptation of the holiday book Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares which I absolutely loved the first book and the second one was so bad it made me retroactively down on the first. I’m hoping the series will be good though.

While not related to the holidays per say Lost in Space 2 comes back on Christmas Eve… (so I guess it is kind of Holiday-ish.)

It had some big issues but I enjoyed the first season quiet a bit so I’ll check this one out though it will likely have to wait for after the holidays.

Vanessa Hudgens new Christmas film The Knight Before Christmas is out on Netflix.

While not my usual fare I did watch The Princess Switch last year (we’re getting a sequel cause one double isn’t enough!) I plan on watching both. I don’t know why but I’m telling you if they wanted to do like a holiday cinematic universe they should use those movies. Plus since she apparently has so many damn clones it could go sci-fi and eventually post-apocalyptic.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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