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Top 5 Favorite Parks and Recs Episodes

leslie and ben parks and recreations

I finally finished the series!

And seeing as the show always calms me down and the holiday times coming I thought this would be a perfect time for my Top 5 Parks and Recreations episodes if you can slip away for 30 minutes of the busy days and take a breather!

Although there are so many cute moments throughout each show and character highlights that I had trouble narrowing it down to 5.

There’s an April and Andy spoiler below. I think at this point it hardly constitutes as a spoiler most people seem to know but if you want to go into the show completely blind I thought I’d offer the warning.


The rivalry between Pawnee and their ridiculously perfect neighbor city Eagleton ran through the show but this particular episode included, Parker Posey, a waffle standoff, a garbage fight and the nicest prison ever.

The Fight 

This episode’s dancing Ron Swanson has been used so many times on the Internet for a reason. Anne and Leslie have their first fight all the while Tom’s newest scheme Snake Juice is pretty much pure poison.

I also loved Donna taking care of her everyone at great risk to her Benz.

Alternate favorite Ron Swanson moment: teaching the little 4th grade girl about government, eating her lunch and then giving her a land mine in Road Trip.

Another great Donna moment came in Pie-Mary which was I think the first episode where anyone was kind to Jerry, for an extended period of time, without an ulterior motive. (The way they treated Jerry throughout was probably my one show nitpick.)

April and Andy’s Fancy Party

“I mean, seriously, I cannot emphasis on how little we thought about this.” Andy Dwyer summing up how to live.

My other favorite April and Andy episodes where End of the World and Jerry’s Painting- also a great all around episode where Ben moves in and teaches them how to be adults.

Media Blitz

During a media campaign Ben’s past in government comes back to haunt him and he just cannot help but make it worse. Adam Scott is great at unraveling but I also loved Tom’s reactions and the whole bit on Perd Hapley’s show.

Alternate great episodes: The Cones of Dunshire and Ron & Tammy’s and well…

The Treaty

Ben and Leslie (but mostly Leslie) destroy a model UN at a local high school with their personal issues. When April and Andy have to calm you down you know you’ve gone a bit too over the edge here. But I do love the competitiveness and Andy giving away his countries goods for lions.

Which always seemed perfectly reasonable to me 🙂

Obviously I did not do a bang up job narrowing it down!





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