My Hopes are Raised: The Black Widow Trailer is Here

black widow returns

Black Widow was on my top 5 most anticipated 2020 films for next year solely due to the supporting cast Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh and of course big bearded David Harbour. After the new trailer I’m more hopeful for the movie as a whole!

So I admit I’m particularly happy that even in the first trailer we’re showing off especially Pugh and Harbour very nicely. Weisz as well though not to the extent of the other two. Hopefully that means they know what we want to see!

I also found the dinner scene and the family vibe very interesting and wonder if it’s legit.

Rachel Weisz, Scarlet Johansson and Florence Pugh

It feels legit.

As did the Natasha-Yelena interaction. So that element could really change the movie of course it could also mean (likely) betrayal is coming which would make sense with the rumors I’ve heard about Rachel Weisz character.

And I was fine with Florence Pugh appearing in future MCU films even before the trailer so still good 😉

Also I got to wonder if the end credits or something in the movie is going to tie into the Eternals (which strikes me as their riskiest upcoming movie) or possibly Secret Invasion.

Now I guess its just Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer left to go!

12 thoughts on “My Hopes are Raised: The Black Widow Trailer is Here

      1. I haven’t really been following the backstory, but is Weisz and/ or Yelena supposed to betray Nat at some point? That could be really interesting, especially with Taskmaster and Red Guardian in the mix!

      2. No! Red Guardian will not be bad!!! Harbour is just a big old cuddly teddy bear… I’d actually put money on him dying 🙁

        I only know comic Yelena and it was back and forth really with the two of them as it always is in the comics. I definitely heard Weisz character is the baddie and hates and is jealous of Natasha. Which maybe their changing it up? Maybe it’s not going to be so much that as she’ll be the true believer? Who knows? That dinner scene definitely makes it more intriguing than what I had been hearing.

  1. I cannot wait for the wonder woman trailer. I hope it doesn’t get delayed again and may it be as thrilling as the first Wonder Woman trailer. That devine beauty had me yelping with joy and high fiving the wall – because I was home alone. 😁

    1. The first one was a great trailer. I teared up. I definitely think we’ll get it Sunday out of comic-con Brazil. I don’t think they’ll move the movie again either summer is actually perfect and if they move a second time the publicity will be brutal. Fingers crossed though!

  2. I hadn’t seen the trailer yet, but it looks awesome! I was excited before, but now I’m even more so 😀 I had a (male) friend tell me that they added Robert Downey Jr to the movie because Black Widow on her own wasn’t gaining enough attention (he heavily applied that it was because it was a female lead) so I was actually kind of happy that RDJ wasn’t in the trailer. As much as I love him, Black Widow is bad ass enough on her own <3

    1. I agree. I think if Tony does show up (which I would never turn down) it’s going to be a cameo anyway. Like end of the movie phone call hey, Nat. We need you in New York? But yeah she doesn’t need him.

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