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The Best Book Covers of 2019

Alice grabbing a book on her way to wonderland

It’s still a little too early for most best of lists (there’s still so much more to see and read!) but it’s a perfect time for the Best Book Covers of 2019!

The most beautiful, the most stand-out buy me, the most striking and once again (for me) I think YA mostly stole the show in cover design this year.

This series covers were beautiful straight through.

I really love the use of the striking red and pink on these covers and the way the blue gown mixes with the sea on the Girl the Sea Gave Back cover.

I wouldn’t really say this was a beautiful cover but it stands out to me with the eye catching pink and the creepy figure walking through the cover matches the title really well.

I think she should have had a book somewhere but I also loved the colors on this. Loved the long flowing hair and while I can’t find my copy (go me!) the Owlcrate cover was even more striking with its colors.

I have a particular affinity for blue, stars and the night sky on my books. It makes them look so peaceful.

I don’t like this as much as the cover for Carry On but I still think it works really well with the book and I’m glad they’re keeping this look going. *Honestly the cover redesign for Carry On was what finally made me decide to pick up the book.

Those infernal Reese Book Club stickers aside (they make me want to not buy the books) I think this is another one that was very striking and worked very well with the style of the book.

Like a lot of them the beauty of the cover is lost between actually holding it and a cover shot. The colors of particularly the dragon catch the light in just the right way. And I should know because it’s been sitting on my TBR cart for the whole year. (A picture can’t really catch how big this stand-alone is either.) I haven’t read it yet but it’s my favorite cover of 2019 by far.







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