Best Quotes of 2019 Part 1

stranger things season three

So thanks to a reading planner I have actually managed to keep track of a good number of great and favorite quotes from the films and shows I’ve watched and the books I’ve read.

I didn’t keep them in any kind of order so it’s staying a bit of a hodge podge hence the best quotes of 2019 Part 1…

Fighting with My Family

“Dick me dead and bury me pregnant!”

-Julia and Saraya in Fighting with my Family

“I dump your ass.”

El to Mike Strange Things

“Characters, and people for that matter, should say what they mean.”

If I’m Being Honest

If I'm Being Honest

“If I suck balls, then you are King of suck balls mountain!”

Barry Season 2

“That is America’s ass!”

captain America vs captain America

Captain America Endgame

“I can’t believe I’m about to die in a secret Russian facility with Steve “the hair” Harrington.”

Robin, Stranger Things

Holy Sister

“All leaves must fall in time… the lives we lived fall away from us, but something remains, something that is part of the tree.”

Holy Sister