Wonder Woman Hits the 80s!

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984

Well I was very, very patient all day and finally got my Wonder Woman 1984 trailer.

Gal Gadot is really pulling off that 80’s look!

I’m excited regardless of the trailer honestly. I think the action looks great. Gal and Kristen’s conversation in the beginning was quite cute. I hope they do a good job with that friendship.

Diana mourning steve

A little bit surprised by how much they showed of Steve but then I suppose that cat was out of the bag. And that bit at the end with the trashcan art makes me think it is Steve not like some great, great nephew or something. After this trailer I’m definitely for it being a trick though.

And will she wind up losing him again?

I suppose that’s my one big question about the movie that no trailer is going to answer. Chris Pine is always great but is it going to work in the film or feel like too much of a rehash.

Still fun trailer and I can’t wait to see more!

4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Hits the 80s!

  1. WW84 here we come!! So excited to see Steve Trevor back. The song played in the trailer too is so catchy.

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