Existential Spamming Crisis

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

In all honestly I have a hard time remembering to check my Spam folder. (Apologies.) And when I do and free the real comments the rest of them are mostly just… weird.

Like rugs and stuff?

I don’t pay that much attention to them anymore but then I signed on yesterday and saw…


So I read the first part about there being no help for me and thought… ouch. And I’m trying to keep it happy and everything.

But then I read the rest about the finding the correct decision and thought okay this is like fortune cookie spamming which is odd because I had lunch yesterday and once again there was no fortune in my fortune cookie! Which happens to me all the time and usually sends me into a tailspin.

Do I have no fortune?


I have spam fortune and it’s telling me I will find the correct decision.

Then when I got home I pulled some tarot cards and it wasn’t bad but it was like yes, something will end soon and embrace your wildcat (okay…) and find a new path and this time of year is always so much fun but also I spend so much time reevaluating and I’m thinking I need to make some big changes. But where can you start? What changes and chances are going to be worth it?

Was that 3rd brownie really worth it?

Bill Hader at the emmy's
Random Bill pic is just for the pick me up.

But then back to the fortune cookie spam and the Do Not Despair.

Because I will find the correct decision (not something I’m personally much known for) but some weird spam on the Internet thinks I can do it! So I guess the long and short of this ramble is check your spam more, you never know what gems are waiting to be read. Brownies are always worth it even if they aren’t perfect. And most importantly, do not despair eventually you’ll figure that shit out.

And also embracing your wildcat is probably a metaphor. But you never know…


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  1. Oh, yeah, I love me a good ole blog post on spam comments, it’s a treasure trove. I had one a few months ago which basically told me that they were hoping for something useful, but received nothing but rubbish from me. I mean they sounded like one of those stan accounts, so I thought, “gosh, this could be definitely real.” But the best ones are the ones that make you feel great. I think there was one point, though, we were all receiving spam comments about wheels and tyres.

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