Best Books of the Decade

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As we head into not just a new year but a new decade I thought I’d do my top books of the decade.

It was supposed to be a list of 10 but wound up doubled. Some might be controversial picks but I enjoyed all of them for many different reasons. And I’ve found that even the controversial ones are still being talked about.

So the books that defined my decade:


This book is so much more than science. The story is so meaningful and really Henrietta Lacks is a woman whose life and death affected all of us and it absolutely should be read.
the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

A Dance with Dragons

One. We’ve had one ASOIAF book this decade (at least involved in the series proper) one last decade to… I guess that bodes super well for seeing Winds of Winter sometime in the next decade 🙂


Circling the Sun

the martian

The first 50 pages I didn’t think I’d finish this one from that point on- I couldn’t put it down.


I recommend this one on audiobook. Fascinating inspiring woman- but also I could listen to her narrate anything 🙂

circe uk edition

The Night Circus

Night Film

I know Night Film and The Night Circus might be controversial. But I really enjoyed both- I hope to reread them soon but I do respect the fact these seem like two books you either love or hate and whichever one you do- like Star Wars films- you do it with passion!


I Hate Fairyland Sadly Never After

Honestly this is one of my favorite graphic novels and I think it perfectly sums up a kind of ennui that so many people have today myself included.

six of crows

No matter what Bardugo might do in future books (I wasn’t entirely happy with that King of Scars ending) she can’t take away my love for the Ketterdam gang.

The Golem and the Jinni

The Nightingale

A beautiful tale about sisters, war and time. There were a few different World War II era books this decade including, All the Light We Cannot See which I read. But this one is the one that stands out to me.

Strange the Dreamer

Gone Girl

Unpopular opinion- I liked the book but I liked the movie more. Still the book stands out for me as one of the best thrillers and psychological dramas I’ve read in ages!

the hate u give

If I Was Your Girl

Two books about very important issues transphobia, racism, police violence, violence period, class differences, gender discrimination and managed to do it while being entertaining and beautifully moving at the same time.

I’m sure everyone has there favorites. Weirdly, I’m having a hard time choosing a best book of 2019. But I’d recommend all of the above and we’ll see what stands up with time from this year 🙂





  1. I’ve only read one Taylor Jenkins-Reid book but I was pretty impressed by it, will definitely be reading more by her! I read Gone Girl just recently too and am so glad I did finally! As for Winds of Winter… ergh. I really liked it but I’ve almost given up on Winds…

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  2. Of these I’ve read Becoming, The Martian, Gone Girl and A Dance with Dragons. I’d agree with all of those, but every time I see ASOIAF I get depressed over how we still don’t have Winds of Winter.

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  3. Uprooted and The Night Circus are DEFINITELY on my list as well. This is a good idea for a post! Probably The Martian too, and probably THUG because not including it would feel wrong and icky. I loved Evelyn Hugo and Eleanor Oliphant, but I don’t know that either would make my decade list. Great post!

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  4. A decade ago I was 15; and as my mental health degraded, so did my memory and concentration. Even if I would wanna do one of thoses, I honestly can’t remember a thing over 2years ago in books ahaha 😂 (which, can be tracked with blogging. I didn’t had a goodread prior to that so- merp.)

    I only read one of thoses, the night circus, and though on my case it’s not really love or hate as I was honestly just SO lost in it, I had no idea what was going on 🙈 — in fact, it was in said MH degradation so that didn’t helped ahah

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  5. Such awesome books! I really liked Evelyn Hugo and Gone Girl ❤
    Planning to read Night Film next year. Lovely to see it mentioned here because i don't see it very often. I think i heard of it the first time on a horror themed podcast.


  6. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of Golem and the Jinni before, the cover is beautiful and I can imagine it would look even better in hardback.

    I was a bit disappointed at how Amy Dunne didn’t seem as much as “the cool girl” as I’d imagined when I read Gone Girl. I always thought cool girl would be a little more.. punk rock attitude with a 60’s aesthetics.

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