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Book Predictions for the 2020’s


It’s a whole new decade and I was thinking about what book world and reading would look like this time in 10 years. How will the 20’s shape and change books for us? Or books change the 20’s?

Below are my predictions.

Sci-Fi is going to be huge.

Not just sci-fi but hard sci-fi. I think not only is it finally going to get it’s day in the book community but it will dominate.

Monsters are going to make a comeback.

I think this will be a trend that’s much more of a throwback. To the monsters of old. Werewolves, demons, vampires, etc.

More Pennywise than Thanos. More small-town scares than big epics.

Books will Feed Hollywood More than Ever

This is really already happening. There are so many streaming services that they need material so they are buying up books like no one’s business with it seems like a real focus on YA.

The Grisha books are a big adaptation, and probably very expensive, coming soon.

I’m pretty sure Reese Witherspoons entire book club is based on either finding or selling books that she already has the rights to and I think we’ll see even more of that. I think it will mix even more completely this decade.

Has Netflix just straight up bought a major publishing company yet? I could see that happening.

Ratings vs. Age

I think books will move toward a movie style rating system and by the end of the decade the age classifications (YA,  Middle-Grade, New Adult, etc.) will be phased out.

Not the books obviously but the way they are classified. A lot of the more popular authors are already going back and forth in their books and I’ve noticed a lot of the most popular Youtubers, whom a couple of years ago would only talk about certain books, are beginning to discuss and show different books.

Again this isn’t an insult by any means because I know how people get when they think they’re being attacked I’m just saying that those classifications will be different.

Goodreads will still be Goodreads

Everyone has something about Goodreads we all wish it would do or at least do better- but as far as tracking your reading and a community- so far I haven’t found anything that can top it.

I think Goodreads will remain tops but somewhere around mid to late decade we’ll finally get the overhaul we’ve all been wanting.

And still won’t be completely happy with it 🙂

How we Experience Books & Stories?

I’ve gone back and forth with this- do I think we’ll get the Star Wars holochess style where our books are basically acted out by tiny little holograms?

If we don’t get the outcome we want we can just swipe the characters away!

Or will we simply finally be able to read as much as we always wanted by downloaded them right into our heads?

Or maybe something simpler like book crossovers with video games like a Jane Austen world/Grand Theft Auto mash-up game?

Or will Maine finally just take my advice and do a full of Stephen King experience? Imagine the tourism options!

Maybe these seem a little out there? (I am still waiting for my flying car.) But you never know right? A decade is a long time for the book world to finally shake some things up and hopefully we’re all around to experience it!



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