Aladdin vs. Aladdin


It is very much a goal this year to expand my film watching and that means getting back into the classics I’ve never seen before.

So the 1992 version of Aladdin which is on Disney+ seemed like a perfect place to start. And I honestly thought this would be a simple win. I was definitely going to like this more than the flawed but still enjoyable live-action version from last year.

Turns out I’m very torn so I thought I’d weigh the scales.

princess jasmin in aladdin

The music:

Honestly it’s the same so???

Jasmine gets a number in the new one but the only thing I remember about that was how strangely placed it was like brought a big moment to a halt. I am surprised how much I like Prince Ali in both but they certainly weren’t doing anything different there.

And the big numbers like a Whole New World honestly they both looked equally fine to me. Though maybe if I had seen the animated version when it first came out or even a couple of years ago I would have been even more impressed.


Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine

Well of the two I think Jasmine was most interesting in both versions. Aladdin’s a bit of a whatever character to me and apparently even more so in the animated. And weirdly even though I liked how they enhanced her character in this one (and her clothes) I felt like the animated Jasmine had more fire.

But I guess I would have to say here I give the edge to the live-action version. Also I think they spent more time on them actually getting to know each other.

2019 Version

Jafar in Aladdin 1992


You know how they always say cartoon villain like it’s a bad thing. Not the case in Aladdin. This one was clear cut. I much prefer the animated Jafar than the live-action version I’m not sure that one could have intimidated a mouse.

1992 Version

the Genie

the genie in Aladdin


Eek. I didn’t expect to be torn on this one at all. On the one hand I think Genie looked better animated (perhaps there was really no hope for otherwise) and I preferred Robin Williams performance and the freedom of it.

On the other hand I was surprised the new version felt like it gave him more character and literally made him feel more human. Which I can certainly see why some people wouldn’t like that. I can see the value in both versions.


So yeah after finally, finally having seen the animated Aladdin I can honestly say… I liked them both equally. I have to put aside some high expectations on the 92 version and plot beat wise they aren’t all that different. I think it may just be personal preference to. In the end I’m a live-action kind of girl anyway.

But who knows? Maybe if I had seen the animated version first it would be an easier call to make.

Recommend: Yes.