Starsight: A Truly Epic Sequel



By: Brandon Sanderson

This was my first read of the new year, new decade and as those things go it was a perfect 5 Star way to start a new reading cycle!

Starsight is the sequel to Skyward so there’s spoilers for that one below. I try to keep it vague but you’ll definitely find out what characters survive. If you haven’t read that one yet and are interested… what’s stopping you?

So okay I was a little worried about Spensa at the start off Starsight. She’s a tad bit more Top Gun Maverick than teamwork player and its annoying but that doesn’t last. Our humans have ventured to the once empty military sites surrounding the planet since the last book. Things are going well enough. They are able to make more of a stand.

That is making the enemy unhappy.

M-Bot is now an accepted member of the military and don’t worry about Doomslug. They kept her 🙂

What I loved about Starsight and what impressed me was how Brandon Sanderson cracks this world open. (Yes everyone whose read more Sanderson than me is probably rolling their eyes thinking yeah, that’s what he does. But this is only my 3rd go round!) And I was honestly excited about the view we get of the galaxy, of the humans place in it, of Spensa’s powers, etc.

And we, as well as Spensa, come to realize not even the main conflict is as cut and dry as we thought. Space fights, space Gods, different alien species and politics. My favorite things!

And what about M-Bot beloved mushroom desiring AI?

We get shifts of character and his struggle with his nature. Plus while we get many answers there are more hints dropped that whatever M-Bot used to be might make him dangerous. (Me: No! He’s not dangerous! He’s precious! Don’t be cruel Sanderson!)

Downsides to Starsight?

Besides the fact I can’t have the next book right now?

Well the iffy beginning with Spensa… and at lot of the action takes place somewhere else this book so we don’t get to see nearly as much of some of the other characters from the first book. But we still do see them.

Sanderson opens things up and jumps things so far ahead that I honestly have no idea where this one is going but it’s fascinating look at humans potential place in a bigger galaxy. While also being a deeper look at war and conflict and perhaps most importantly accepting and learning to deal with people (and species) different from what you know.

Recommend: Yes!

Obviously I’m loving this series not to mention adding Sanderson novels to be TBR like crazy. (They are so big!) But I’m most looking forward to continuing this space adventure.



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