Thursday Movie Picks: Unforgettable Scores

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Thursday Movie Picks is an event run over by the wonderful Wandering the Shelves blog. Weekly topics are chosen and you pick 3-5 films corresponding with the topic. This weeks Thursday Movie Topic pick is Unforgettable Film Scores and I knew immediately I was going to share some of my all time favs.

The Wonder Woman Soundtrack has always been a standout. Particularly the themes for No Man’s Land and Wonder Woman’s Wrath. I also love Wonder Woman’s Theme that debuted on the Batman v. Superman soundtrack.

Way back when Tron Legacy came out I couldn’t have told you a thing about Daft Punk or the music. Honestly I still can’t except I still really love this score and play it more often than not when I need a pick me up or for my own personal writing soundtrack.

The Inception soundtrack is another one that I’ve always loved. Much like the movie. It’s a great soundtrack because the music is beautiful and it gets under your skin in time with the weird dream theme of the movie without being to obtrusive.

The Gladiator soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is another one I’ve always loved. Especially the Now We Are Free- I listen to that to write or if I’m in need of a good cry.

Those are the ones that have stuck with me the most with Avengers Infinity War being a close-runner up. There’s a lot of great scores on television these days as well. If it was just favorite scores period I think I’d have to include Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian on here!