The Crown Ends & Wandavision Promises

Imelda Staunton

The Crown creator Peter Morgan confirmed casting Imelda Staunton as the next version of Queen Elizabeth which wasn’t that much of a surprise. What is a bit more surprising is the show is ending after season five!

Actually I’m happy about the casting and okay with the announced ending. Shows should know when to bow out.

vanessa kirby as princess margaret

Honestly I wasn’t that enamored with the last season as I was the first 2 and people are already starting to pick out the changes to history. The last thing I care to see is anything about Andrew or “Mexit” playing out on screen.

Staunton is apparently taking the crown into the “21st century” which makes me wonder if they won’t end it with Margaret and the Queen mother’s deaths… which does seem like a super bummer of a season since I have no doubt they’ll deal with Diana’s.

But where else?

tobias menzies as Prince Phillip

I can just imagine the final scene being something, something, something “the monarchy endures,” something…

In other television news Stranger Things 4 is only just starting to film. I know. I know. That’s not a surprise but still I was hoping they would just drop it on us like magic. Must accept fact we won’t see it until next year. Bummer.

Meanwhile in other television news of things I really want that I’m not getting soon Paul Bettany has been out saying Wandavision is going to be bonkers and I’m just like give it to me already! It’s really the only Marvel show I’m remotely interested in. I’m hoping for a Super Bowl spot which is also about the only reason I’d be interested in the Super Bowl. I don’t even know whose playing!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “The Crown Ends & Wandavision Promises

  1. After last season of The Crown I’m not upset it’s gonna be 5 instead of 6 seasons. Season 3 was dreadful, huge step down from the quality of first two

    1. The clips from the trailer are so good! And the press release says sometime this year so here I am getting my hopes up again like maybe… spring??? (Probably not but a girl can dream!)

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