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Wandavision and Other Marvel Rambles

Wanda Maximoff in Wandavision

Well this years Super Bowl delivered the Wandavision look I wanted and some other goodies and even better… I didn’t have to watch any of the game!

It looks like so much fun and I love that one of my favorite characters (and actresses) is finally getting her due. Love that they’re doing multiple sitcoms from the looks of it and that Vision is always Vision. She didn’t need the “human” looking form 🙂 She loved him for who he was.

We also get like a super quick shot of Loki and the time variance authority Easter Egg.

So while I think Loki is a bit past his prime they went and dangled time travel and I’m all in.

Scarlet Witch is definitely leading into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and rumor has it Loki does or is appearing or some such thing. Either way Wandavision and Doctor Strange are top of my list for Marvel properties (which is not something I would have expected to say about Doctor Strange ever.)

We got a new Black Widow spot as well.

I’m still really interested in the family vibe here. It definitely looks from the one scene where they are standing together amidst the wreckage like Harbor and Weisz characters are/have been/will be a couple with their daughters you know?

I think maybe Nat is supposed to bring them in at the end and she lets them go? Maybe? I’ll probably be disappointed and we’ll get this scene and then Weisz character will turn around and put a bullet in Red Guardian and the sisters will have to take her out…

But hope springs eternal and all that.

I am a little bummed we didn’t get anything for the Eternals. Truth be told unless their going to make Richard Madden and Kit Harrington’s characters the couple (seriously they had more chemistry in one scene than Harrington had with anyone else he didn’t marry in real life!) it’s the iffiest Marvel property coming to me but that’s a ramble for when we do get the trailer!

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