Teases, Teases, Teases… & Knives Out

Hopper and Murray face the children

So Netflix dropped a Valentine’s Day Gift confirming what I never had any doubt of…

Hopper’s alive!

And for a Russian prisoner seemingly working on a chain gang he’s not looking too bad! Those eyes, those eyes 🙂

I’m kind of hoping that Murray and Joyce catch on to it and they go and save him. But then there’s got to be a reason for him to be there pertaining to the over arching mystery besides fulfilling my hot guy in a wintery setting fantasies…

Ugh! If Netflix really loved us they would have been like surprise we’ve already filmed everything here’s the new season!

In other teases we got our first look at Robert Pattinson in his Batman gear..

The face/hood was honestly giving me Daredevil vibes- which could be a good/okay/great thing depending on what season of Daredevil 🙂 Otherwise I’m fine with it. I’ve accepted Pattinson and I don’t care enough about what the suit looks like…

I had so many things I wanted to post/do/watch/ read but it’s been a bitch of a week in a bitch of a month. And I’m sick! I did manage to see Knives Out which was fine. I think I was a little too hyped for it maybe. All the actors were good but Marta was kind of a saintly bore. The rest of the family was funny enough though…

Chris Evans in Knives Out

Probably seeing this so close to Birds of Prey makes me feel like Evans would have been a great Riddler. But successes aside the DCEU seems like too much of a mess again.

There’s some new pictures of Harley from Suicide Squad 2 also but I’m still bummed about Birds of Prey and generally uninterested in that movie anyway. So eh… I feel like I’m ending on a bummer.

Oh! We did get a look at some pics from the next season of Killing Eve mind you I thought season 2 was kind of bumpy. It wasn’t Westworld Season 2 levels of a mess but still hopefully it’s back to a better tighter story.

Oh well, here’s to a peaceful weekend for everyone!