The Over 30 Tag

Elsa from Frozen

Well past it actually. But having put another year under my belt recently I saw this tag on A Book Olive and though it would be fun. And honestly it’s probably been 30 years since I’ve done a tag.

The original tag was created by Ink Not Blood.

Name on of your favorite books (or films or shows) that feature a protagonist over 30?

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

circe uk edition

(Technically immortal but I’m still counting her.)

Catelyn Stark is over 30 in the books though not by much. One of the best decisions of the show was too age up all the characters. Most of my favorite film and television characters are over 30 as are the actors that play them.

A story that represents who you were:


Throw in Stephen King (which definitely isn’t in here) and you’ve summed up my reading back in the day. And since my reading makes up a great deal of me even then it works. Heck there’s even a horse on the cover of this one!

A story that represents who you are:

Mostly because there are times when I 100% still feel like I’m faking adulthood and could wake up in the morning and go right back to 13 (that wouldn’t be the age I chose but you get the point!)

A Story that Represents Something Unchanged About Me:

The Thirteenth Tale

I read this one recently and liked it well enough. But I think you could put any story where the heroine has a deep love for books and a hard time dealing with reality and people.

A favorite classic:

anne of green gables

A book I used to think I had missed my chance on since I didn’t read it when I was a child but I’m convinced it’s ageless.

A book published in the year decade you were born:

Frankly it was just easier to type in books published in the 80s than be more specific but there are a couple that jump out: The Joy Luck Club, Howl’s Moving Castle, Matilda & The Color Purple among them.

Anyway on to another many years (fingers crossed!) of great stories!