Top 5 Book Habits

Alice grabbing a book on her way to wonderland

Top 5 Tuesdays Prompt this week was Bookish Habits and I have a few of those! Many of which I’m sure will make people cringe 🙂

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I write in my books.

jo march in little women

Which I do understand why some people hate. But I keep it neat and clean and never ever make the book unreadable. I don’t know I think it’s fun sometimes to get used books and see what people we’re thinking so it doesn’t bother me. I’m also too lazy to use post-it notes even though I buy them and try!

I never take my Kindle out of my house.

Having once worked on Lost and Found at a major mall you’d be amazed at what people lose and the Kindle is just way, way too important. To be fair the phone is the only electronic device that I really take out.

I both excel and suck at donating my books.

I love donating books, even books I liked, I know I’m not going to read them again. Takes up less space on my shelve and someone else can enjoy them. I pack them up. I move them to the garage to be put in the car and…

sleeping anna

There’s like some physical or mental block after that because they sit there for months on end while I walk by day after day thinking hm, I really need to drop those.

Finally 9 times out of 10 and months after the fact we’ll need the garage space for something and someone else will actually take them for me!

And then the cycle starts again.

Dusting books sucks.

Ugh. Dusting everything sucks but I did splurge on the covered, glass bookshelves so I’d have to do it considerably less. I’d much rather be reading than doing chores anyway.

My reading habits have gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.

I used to be a one book at a time start to finish, rinse and repeat reader. But as I’ve gotten older it’s become I’ll buy all the books and I’ll read them all at once! And wonder why it takes me longer to finish a book.  I think it’s always been a bit of a crutch for me to fall back on and I’ve only gone further and further down the reading rabbit hole as I’ve gotten older.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!



8 thoughts on “Top 5 Book Habits

  1. I take my kindle everywhere! Tho whole point of it (for me) is too be able to carry tons of books around without the weight of actual books haha. I usually read physical books when at home, my kindle when I am out, and my audiobook when I am driving 😀

  2. That last one tho! I’ve been reading 3 different books since December and I have no idea which one I’ll finish first, if any. My attention span is so scattered nowadays and my reading habits have definitely taken a hit. At least we’re reading, right? 😅

  3. I pencilled one notes on A Little History of Philosophy and I still feel guilty. But I’m sure (once I find my copy) that I can send it off to my cousin and see what he has to say regarding my comments. But otherwise… no! I will never write in a book ever again. 😭

    I should probably start donating some of my books to friends instead of straight to the charity shop.

    Ah that’s interesting. I didn’t even realise that I’ve started taking longer to finish books now that I’m reading multiple at a time. Though I do think once I’m finished with subtle art (a copy arrived much sooner than I expected) that I’ll stick to one ebook and one physical book at a time.

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