Frozen 2 Goes into the UNKNOWN

Elsa in Frozen 2

Frozen 2

Directed By: Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck

I swear when they were writing Into the Unknown they must have capitalized UNKNOWN and that’s just how people sung it. I braced myself every time they got to the point where they were belting it out, “Into the…” Me: Here we go. “UNKNOWN!!!”

Needless to say I watched Frozen 2 where Elsa and company follow a strange voice in her head into this cursed forest and find out their grandpa was Odin  well find out Arendelle’s history isn’t all sunshine and roses and hey what exactly does that have to do with Elsa being the Snow Queen…

Along the lines of bad ancestors I do think they successfully age the story up a bit here. It feels like we’re dealing with much higher stakes and unfortunate circumstances.

the young frozen family

Frozen 2 for me was mostly an above average sequel in that I actually did enjoy the movie. I thought cast chemistry was really good some of the animation was beautiful. Olaf was actually surprisingly moving at parts and man I hate being jealous of animated characters but Anna’s picnic dress…

Anna's picnic dress in Frozen 2

If only I could sew or have some place to wear it!

I still love Anna/Elsa and the sisters story but it still felt like it was lacking something from the first movie. Just something little that put it a little off and thinking about it (don’t yell at me) but…

I think it was the music.

Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2

I just felt like none of the songs landed (for me) and there was no big epic number like Let it Go as hard as they tried and indeed I think they were trying a little too hard. I mean Show Yourself and Reindeers are Better than People are my favorites from this film. But I won’t be playing them again and again when I need a pick me up or at all in all honesty.

Perhaps the movie could have been a touch longer to. On the one hand it’s good to look at the clock and think wow, it’s over that was a rush! But on the other hand some parts of the story could have used some breathing room perhaps.

Still I really enjoy these characters and I want to see where the sisters, the story and the fashion goes next!

Recommend: Yes. 

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  1. You’re not wrong. It was the music. My husband pin-pointed pretty well what it was, I think. The first movie had this great full orchestra scoring that was full, and lush, and epic. This movie had the off-broadway band. I mean, I still loved it and cried my eyes out, but the music was definitely the weakest element.

  2. Thank you! I felt so let down by this one even though I enjoyed the story. I could sing (shout?) the chorus of Into the UNKNOWN for you, and I very much enjoyed Lost in the Woods, but I can’t even hum a tune to any of the other songs, I forgot them instantly.

  3. Great review! I actually really liked the music in this one haha. Though Into the UNKNOWN is kind of like Let it GO. My least favorite part was Kristoff’s whole story line. To me it seemed forced and kind of distracted from the main story line.

  4. I felt let down by the music initially, and walked out thinking, “Not as good as the first film.” Over the next few weeks the songs snuck up on me and I kept listening to them over and over and over again on Youtube. In particular, Show Yourself, for me, blows Let It Go out of the water (and I LOVE Let It Go). I have done a total 180 on the film and now it is my favourite of the two. I don’t know how that happened.

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