Bond Changes Release Dates

Daniel Craig as James Bond

So Sony shifted No Time To Die– the big new James Bond movie back to the fall due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The movie was scheduled to open April 10th and marketing was well under way now it’s November 25th in the States.

Its the first big movie to move although I was recently wondering if Disney wasn’t thinking about that with Mulan- which I think has had a terrible marketing push here in the states regardless.

The Chinese Box Office is hugely important to Hollywood these days and it’s non-existent at this point with other markets beginning to suffer as well. Plus people may begin to decide to stay away from theaters and other crowded places even in areas that haven’t been aversely affected yet.

Daniel Craig looks out at peaceful scenery

I wouldn’t be surprised if other films move now that Sony has been the first big one to blink. It will be interesting to see what Disney does since Mulan really is the next potential big release. It doesn’t strike me as a big year for movies otherwise so playing with the calendar is probably not a big deal. Godzilla vs. Kong comes out the week before but the last monster movie was a bit of a box office let down. And The Eternals is at the beginning of November but I think that’s Marvel’s iffiest movie coming.

Either way hopefully this will all be over sooner rather than later and honestly I plan on seeing the movie regardless of the date. I mean Craig’s Bond is great every other movie so we’re due for a winner 🙂





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  1. Hubby and I were looking forward to the new Bond movie – now we’ll make it a date at Thanksgiving. I hadn’t even thought about the impact of the virus on the movie industry.

  2. I am kind of surprised they moved the date, but I guess I understand their reasoning. I would think that Mulan is coming out too soon to move, but April 10th is also super soon so maybe not. I hope they don’t move it because I have been looking forward to it!!!

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