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Baby Maggie Wants a Boy & Onward

Maggie Simpson goes Pixar


Directed By: Dan Scanlon

It was a bit strange to see the Simpson’s get the short film spot in front of the new Pixar movie Onward. Honestly I thought the whole short was a bit odd. But I haven’t seen any new Simpsons stuff since the movie.

First off that we didn’t even get a D’uh from Homer made it seem a little lacking.

And second it basically confirmed that Maggie is a thirty year old woman trapped in a babies body and behaved with that boy in the park like I would if I got within ten yards of Tom Hardy or Jon Bernthal.

It was cute enough though and it did strangely work with Onward.

I mean the premise for Onward is a bit strange anyway as we follow two elf brothers (Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) who find a spell to spend one day with their dead dad. Only they bring back just the bottom half of him so they spend the day on a quest to finish it literally dragging around dead dad’s ass.

The voice work was fine. I especially loved Octavia Spencer as the Manticore- things picked up for me in what was an otherwise run of the mill movie when she came on.

I also thought the biker fairies were cute…

Honestly Onward is such a strange one because despite the good voice work. I found myself a bit bored at times thinking this is pretty run in the mill and casting my mind back to that Maggie short.

But on the other hand the movie also made me feel the death of an inanimate freaking object. First rate work not just on the animation but with Holland and Pratt there and the trust bridge thing truly freaked me out. But it was the end the that really surprised me.









I was really moved by the choice one of the brothers makes. This movie is getting compared a lot to Frozen in the sibling bond kind of way but the ending actually felt like more here because it wasn’t a life or death situation it was just the decision to let go of something you desperately wanted because someone you loved needed it more.

That was growth. That was beautiful. And the movies decision to stick to it and not go back on it was a nice surprise.

Recommend: Yes.

So despite a slow start I wound up really enjoying this one but you also don’t have to race out and see it in theaters. It can easily wait to streaming.

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