Black Widow and Family: The Final Trailer

Scarlett Johanssen in Black Widow

I had just been thinking this weekend I’d like to take some self-defense courses and then the new and final Black Widow trailer drops and it makes me want to even more.

Although I suppose it’s not a great idea to start calling places and asking if they can train me like a Russian spy… maybe I’ll just dye my hair red again :

You can link to the Trailer: Black Widow Final Trailer

Hopefully that works. Youtube’s being a pain in the ass today! Now onto some of my favorite things in the trailer:

Black Widows

So the widows are being controlled which I’m not sure how I feel about that but it does likely mean Nat’s not going to want to kill them so she’d be somewhat hampered in fights against them.

Taskmaster apparently watched Iron Man 2 I just want to tell him don’t worry, it gets better…

taskmaster takes lessons in black widow

Did this trailer give too much away? Because things do not look good for Yelena…

Scarlett and Florence in Black Widow

I mean it could be a fake out but then again I remember way back when the Infinity War trailer first dropped people were half-jokingly saying well maybe the blonde hair is a tribute to Yelena and we now know this movie is right before Infinity War and all I can say is THAT’S NOT WHAT PEOPLE MEANT MARVEL!

Damn it!

I love stories about sisters and Scarlet and Florence have both been on fire recently. Prediction I’m going to wind up crying.

And if anyone calls David Harbour Daddy this could wind up being my favorite Marvel movie yet. Black Widow hits theaters May 1st 🙂

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