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Mulan & More Pull Release Dates


Well Disney decided to go the way of James Bond and Mulan’s release date has been delayed.

They’re saying later this year but no date is set.

They also pulled New Mutants and Antlers. And considering how long New Mutants has been delayed I doubt again that will get a theater release.

Paramount pushed the new Fast & Furious back by a whole year.

A Quiet Place 2 which was scheduled for release this Friday is “indefinitely shelved.”

Right now Black Widow, which is the next big scheduled release for May 1st, is still on the calendar.

I am bummed I admit, especially about Mulan, movies are a much needed break from reality but people need to stay safe as well. I was just watching something the other day wondering whether Disney would digitally release these films and I admit if they dropped Mulan on the 27th for $20 bucks on iTunes I’d buy it.

Oh well. At this point I’m just hoping we all make it out of this year in one piece. I can’t believe it’s only March. Stay safe everyone!


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