Black Widow Pulled & Other Movie News

Scarlett and Florence in Black Widow

Well unsurprisingly (I was still hoping at least) Black Widow has been pulled from May 1st. I’m guess the Wonder Woman 1984 announcement comes next.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m pretty much done with 2020.

Yesterday Universal announced that it’s going to drop The Invisible Man, The Hunt and Emma on streaming as of the 20th despite the fact those movies would technically still be in theaters.

I’m guessing it’s just going to be $20 bucks for 48 hour rentals. But I mean $20 bucks is still akin to two people actually going to the theater so if these do well it could really change theater going. Trolls World Tour is going direct to streaming as well.

I’m honestly thinking The New Mutants and Antlers could stream. And probably should. Hopefully the studios will do the same for other movies that where in theaters or have release dates coming up like Portrait of a Lady on Fire and St. Maude.

Rachel Weisz, Scarlet Johansson and Florence Pugh

Black Widow well I’m just going to have to wait. (Stranger Things season 4 has also stopped production so my Hopper draught will be a long one. But hey at least I found toilet paper this morning!) I’m hoping Marvel is just going to shift their schedule. Black Widow takes Eternals spot. Eternals takes Shang-Chi’s February spot (since Shang-Chi stopped production as well they may have needed to move anyway) etc.

Marvel shows are probably going to get pushed back too since production had to be stopped. Falcon and Winter Solider was supposed to drop in August but I imagine it will take Wandavisions December spot (sigh) although pushing Wandavision to a February 2021 release for Valentine’s Day might not be the worst idea marketing wise.

bruce and harley in birds of prey

Also Birds of Prey and The Gentleman are moving up streaming releases so we’ll be able to access them on March 24th. I haven’t seen The Gentleman but I really enjoyed Birds of Prey it’s the perfect kind of fun movie for these days so if you didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters it’s worth the $20- and I’m pretty sure these are their releases so you’ll be buying it for $20 not renting.

At least while trying (really hard at this point) to look on the bright side I’ll have some good films to watch. I hope everyone is safe and well!


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    1. Oh my to its just been a lot even before this and it’s like oh I’ll get to see Emma this weekend yeah but then I think about the state of the small business I work for and yeah… I’m going to need to be watching happy movies 24-7 but best of luck to us all!

  1. It’s for the better, though I can’t help feeling disappointed by the delays. 🙁 Fingers crossed that things might get better soon!

  2. I think we’re all going to be grateful for good films at home in the coming weeks. I sometimes think I’m going to wake up and find this has all been a bad dream. Like you I’m trying to stay positive, but it is tough.

    1. Staying positive is hard for me on the daily but I am very grateful for the film releases, good books and blogging! Best wishes to you. Hopefully we’re all back on track soon!

  3. Urg, $20 seems so expensive for a rental. I know its about the same cost as two tickets but those are two tickets to see it on a giant screen, where as here I have to watch it on my tiny screen. And I doubt my roommate will want to see it, so $20 is prolly to much to justify watching it by myself 🙁

  4. I was really looking forward to the Black Widow movie! But health comes first! It’s been a really stressful time and I’m really trying to stay optimistic.
    Hope you’re well.

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