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Did He Really Solve Anything?

Daniel Craig in Knives Out

Knives Out

Directed By: Rian Johnson

Watching Knives Out was an interesting experience in large part because even though I knew who did it going in I was convinced the spoilers were wrong and something else happened. They weren’t and it didn’t.

Also it’s getting the wrong sequel.

Spoilers below:

So as the movie is laid out Marta (Ana de Armas) accidentally gives legendary crime writer the wrong injection of medicine. It’s going to kill him even before they can get an ambulance out there. So instead of even trying Harlan tells her this exceedingly windy plan about how to make sure she doesn’t go down for it and then…

Slits his own fucking throat.

Harlan is hardcore for this nurse and I’m sorry but the human cynic in me is like who the hell would do that? What the hell was that relationship?

Okay maybe Harlan was sicker than I thought but hell Plummer looks way to healthy and they made a big deal about his characters mother being alive so…

Plus he knows that Marta can’t tell a lie without barfing so slitting your throat and relying on her for everything else is probably going to get her in more trouble then taking a chance with the ambulance and absolving her. It just doesn’t seem like something someone would do to the extent that I was convinced Harlan was actually alive and acting out an upcoming book plot or something.

It’s made even worse by the end revelation that Marta didn’t even accidentally switch the medication- despite the fact that she was being set-up she was so good at her job she physically recognized the weight of the medicine and then confused herself and yeah… who knows?

So Harlan didn’t even have to die. He wasn’t going to. He just offed himself for his nurse because reasons I suppose.

Which leads me to perhaps the biggest problem with Knives Out and the sequel Benoit Blanc is kind of a horrible Detective for one that’s supposed to be sought after and famous for it.

That actually seems to be his character trait. Okay, so he saw the blood on her shoe that the camera absolutely lingered on and then nothing. Marta is nearly killed and someone else is before she confesses to him. She confesses and he doesn’t even solve it. He only knows something is fishy about it when her confession doesn’t match the pathology results in his hand!

Marta’s even the one who has all the brains to trick the killer into actually confessing. Now mysteries don’t always need great detectives but its Benoit that’s getting the sequel and I’d kind of like to see the continuing adventures of rich Marta and the awful Thrombey gang.

Cause you know from that look she gave her cheating husband at the end Jamie Lee’s going to be doing some prison time herself soon.

I did think Chris Evans looked very nice in his sweaters but you know what would have made it even better…

A beard.

Recommend: Yes.

Despite all the above I did enjoy Knives Out quite a lot I just think it’s getting the wrong sequel.


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