3 Things to Look Forward To…

Elle Fanning as Catherine in the Great

I hope everyone is doing well under the circumstances. I’m trying not to let my anxiety take over and get on with things.

 But I did find  3 more (entertainment related) things we can all look forward to!

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult have a new show coming out on Hulu in May. I love the look of this. I enjoy both actors, old school Russia and the writing from The Favourite.

I haven’t been big on the idea of another streaming service but apparently I can add it to my Disney+ for another couple of dollars. This and the fact Hulu apparently is getting Portrait of a Lady on Fire means it will be happening.

Killing Eve dropped a new trailer for season 3 this morning. It’s coming back a couple weeks earlier than previously thought debuting April 12 in the states.

I honestly thought last season was a bit bumpy but hopefully at this point Eve has finally taken the hint and knows what she has to do. I still don’t see how long they can really drag this series out though I do wonder if her husband ever made it out of that storage locker.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984

Lastly Wonder Woman 1984 got moved. Which I admit is not a good thing but at least unlike some films they immediately re-dated it and now we can all look forward to August 14th. So it will be something to do during the dog days of summer. I also really like the new poster which is nice because the first two not so much 🙂

Hope everyone has a peaceful and lovely weekend ahead of them!

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  1. I do really like Elle Fanning. I loved her in All the bright places, she was the perfect Violet. I have Catherine the great on my TBR, so I’ll probably read it before I watch any film/tv depictions because they will definitely miss out a lot.

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