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So this post was supposed to be Top 10 Tuesday’s How to Tell If You are a Book Lover.. But then I started getting way off track so now it’s more like book shower thoughts/ramblings…

Book related life questions in a sense.

Because thinking about anything else right now is just not working for me.

Would it be weird to legally adopt a book character? Is it possible? Cause I will so adopt Anne Shirley.

anne of green gables

If things had worked out differently for Romeo and Juliet- how long would they have been happy? When would they have gotten divorced? 5 years? 10?

How long would The Lord of the Rings books have been if Tolkien had actually written about Aragorn’s government and tax policies? I’m thinking US tax code size.

Viggo mortenson as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings

Would I have liked The Great Gatsby more if you know who had been arrested and prosecuted or does that defeat the purpose of the point Fitzgerald was trying to make?

What is the point of book blurbs? Why do so many of them compare a book to a gem? What does that even mean?

Author: This book is an absolute gem!

Me: What kind of gem?

Author: Well, a diamond!

Me: I don’t like diamonds. Why not something with more color? Like an emerald?

Author: Fine. The book is like an emerald.

Me: But why? What makes it like an emerald or a gem?

Author: It’s, ah… shiny…

The Color of Magic

What is the meaning of Discworld’s Luggage? Why did Pratchett make such a powerful near omniscient character a valise? Is it because when traveling out in the world luggage is so important to us? Or is it that our symbolic luggage stays with us no matter what?

No my symbolic luggage doesn’t ever seem to save my life.

Or maybe it does in its own way? And I’ve just never considered that. Hm, so much of Discworld is nutso and also brilliant when you really think about it.

Are self-help books actually helpful?

jo march in little women

What kind of masterpieces have been lost to time? (And little sisters!)  What have we missed? Why did so much Shakespeare survive? Who decides what gets lost and not? Is it simply an accident of fate? I mean I know this is movie related but at this point the Cats movie might survive all of us!

Has Instagram’s love of beautiful, picture worthy books been detrimental to books overall? I mean does a book exist these days if it hasn’t been photographed 1000 times on  Bookstagram or for that matter hauled on Booktube?

I suppose I should stop while I’m ahead. But I suppose one way to tell you’re a book lover is if you think entirely too much about life in terms of books. But hey, at least I brought it back around to the topic 🙂








9 thoughts on “Life Questions & Bookish Food For Thought

  1. Anne as adoptee would bring so much colour to our lives. But you’ll have to be really prepared and muster all the energy possible.

    I don’t tend to read book blurbs as much except the goodreads summary once the annual goodreads awards start because I end up missing so many books.

    I worked at a bookstore and, trust me, sometimes booksellers will promote a book or write copy without having read it. Just parroting other generic reviews.

    1. Every year the Goodreads awards makes me feel like I didn’t actually read anything 🙂 I’ve probably only ever read 10% of the books that wind up on that list at least at the time of the awards!

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