3 More Things to Look Forward To & Disney’s New Dates

Charlize Theron as

So it’s been a little exercise of mine to find three things a week to look forward to. I’ve been posting about the entertainment related ones. And I got to admit this week with one exception I’m stretching a little here.

We got a trailer for the Train to Busan sequel!

I absolutely loved the first movie but this is how I like my zombies (which is apparently an unpopular opinion otherwise I don’t know how I feel about this one overall. It’s been described as a “spiritual” sequel and we’ll see what that means.

But on the other hand I’m guessing the Hollywood remake of the original is thankfully dead.

Anya as Emma

Meanwhile Anya Taylor-Joy is reportedly being considered to play Furiousa in George Miller’s Mad Max prequel.

It’s such an iconic role for Charlize but I do love Anya and hell I didn’t think I’d like Fury Road either and it’s one of my top 10, probably top 5 all-time favorites.

Finally they moved Top Gun Maverick from late June to Christmas. Which is a little weird because to me it screams summer movie but then it’s a very nostalgic movie that maybe a lot of people will go see with their families during the holidays?

A Quiet Place 2 now has a Labor Day release date.

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place 2

Not a bad idea for this movie (I’m sure Evelyn will have plenty of bad ideas in the movie to make up for it) but Fall and Winter are crowding up.

Well while I was writing this Disney announced their new dates:

Disney’s New Dates

Perhaps unsurprisingly Black Widow took Eternals November release dates pushing all the Marvel movies back. I think this might actually be good for Eternals as November and December are getting incredibly crowded. They also moved Free Guy from July 3rd to December 11th.

Also with Top Gun, Bond, Black Widow and now Free Guy appearing in those months is the typical “award” show fare going to have any breathing room?

Interestingly they dated Mulan fairly early end of July. So Mulan and Tenet are the new canaries in a coal mine: even if we’re free are people ready to race out to theaters en mass? And will people be able to afford it?

But that’s a question for another day.

Hope everyone is safe and well!



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  1. Aw this is a really nice exercise! I’ve been writing down things I saw/heard/etc each day that made me happy or excited, and that’s helped with all this craziness. I’m SO curious to see how Anya might fare as a younger Furiosa. I hope she gets cast! Also I love your constant ribbing of Evelyn 😂

    Hope you’re doing okay with everything!! ❤

  2. I lol’d at “I’m sure Evelyn will have plenty of bad ideas to make up for it.” Yes, I’m sure she will. Hopefully not involving pregnancy.

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