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Self-Isolation Book Recommendations

Harley goes book hunting

The why miss people edition 🙂

Occasionally you read a book that makes you think boy people suck. No shade on the book it’s actually good just the characters in it. I thought of a few first rate reads with characters that still might make social-isolation just a little bit more bearable.

Bad Blood is the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her medically based start-up that is so crazy you’ll wish it was made-up.

But no the truth is definitely more upsetting than fiction here.

Sadie is fiction a dark read half of which is told in the form of a podcast. I read it as a regular book but the reviews for the audio make me wish I had gone that direction.

A short quick read about beauty, deception, and the family covering it all up. I felt for the narrator (not her sister though) but even still I wouldn’t want to know her.

A book about adult female friendships and so much gaslighting… so much… A weird one where I enjoyed the read but none of the characters. Sometimes that works!

What if the X-Men made themselves? Oh and all were power mad assholes… A twisty tale of brilliant minds put top all the wrong uses. I disliked the sequel but Vicious was an absolute blast of a read.

Example A of famous screw-ups and generally unlikable characters. And also hey, if you’ve never read the play nows the perfect time. It’s actually a fairly quick read!

A classic of this unlikeable leads genre. I don’t want to spoil too much for people who haven’t read it but the main character is pretty much a legend in my mind!

Speaking of Shakespeare how about a contemporary Taming of the Shrew take where the main character must face her flaws and learn that perhaps honesty shouldn’t always be brutal. Truthfully I actually really liked Cameron even if you weren’t supposed to.

I’m including this because I really enjoyed it. But the main character seems controversial  per reading others reviews. She’s a school prankster who gets herself into a summer full of trouble and bonus it involves a food truck.

Possibly another controversial choice. Good book and I liked some of the kids. I also liked the fire bug but everyone else was kind of low grade awful and a very realistic kind of low-grade awful.

So hopefully some of these books can help us look on the bright side and not miss other people so much, at least for a little while 🙂



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