Do You Sanitize Your Books?

Harley goes book hunting

 Do you guys sanitize your books?

Honestly until recently it’s not something that ever crossed my mind. And I say that as someone whose always been a germaphobe. When this started I noticed people talking about it for the first time which naturally made me look at my TBR pile with worry.

I’ve bought nothing new since this started or so I told myself because it hit me sitting on top of the pile were the Book of the Month club books for March. Packaged, shipped and delivered right when this whole mess was getting going.

So near as I can tell wet wipes seem the easiest solution that won’t damage the books or using a micro-fiber cloth.

But then again if you want to get into details and knowledge of this virus nothing seems concrete. Well time and isolation I suppose at this point no matter how many times I swipe the books my brain will probably never let me read them or the book I sat them on – it’s just how I work.

It’s been a while but I’ve never sanitized library books either. Eek.

Confession: because OCD gets into my head in strange and nonsensical ways what did I do with my books?

Well if I was buying them from a store I’d always buy the one in the back and always hold it from the top straight through payment and then just dump them on my bed until I could wash my hands or even better until later that night after a nice shower. Same with mail orders. I never even touched them until after I was clean.

I’m seeing now that thinking about other people’s hands probably would have been a system shut down for me mentally.

Me to my Kindle: You’ll never leave me will you?

Going forward it’s something I’ll do in the future- at the very least give everything a wipe down whether new, used or borrowed. It’s still weird to me that it’s not something that ever would have crossed my mind before but I’m also going to have to try hard not to let myself fall into those holes where it’s all I can think about and suddenly books have become my enemy.

I hope everyone is doing well and had a lovely weekend and Easter (if you celebrate!) I’m not going to lie with no chocolate in the house and little food I cracked up and ate half a jar of chocolate frosting left over from Christmas. My stomach hurt all night.

Except for the stress and worry it felt like being a kid again 🙂