3 Things to Look Forward to: Belle Does the Revolution

Belle's New Book

Well we’ve marked another week and in trying to look at the bright side we did get some fun things to look forward to this week.

Let’s come back to Belle’s new book and talk about the gift Vanity Fair gave me this week.

Oscar Isaac in Dune

Vanity Fair shared an exclusive look at Dune which Jason then shared pics on his Instagram all of which was lovely. Clean shaven Jason and bearded Oscar. I don’t know what I’m going to do! I’m thinking from the synopsis I better enjoy their characters while I can. Chalamet has grown on me recently but I can’t help that he looks like Loki and Kylo had a love-child in these pics!

Back to my favorite Disney Princess before I get to carried away here…

Disney has announced a series of books called The Queen’s Council– the first one has Belle in Paris during the French Revolution. Which I don’t imagine would be good for her since she married a Prince. And is it wrong of me that I want them to go full guillotine and chop his head off and then maybe she’s a prisoner for real at that point!

belle in the snow

That won’t happen on Disney but if these books do well I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Disney + show.

But speaking of things Disney can’t do Warner Brothers has announced JJ Abrahams Bad Robot is producing a Justice League Dark series for their new streaming channel. Not much is known but I’m thinking this is a really good shot at a (hopefully) first rate adaptation of Zatanna!

And while we’re on Warner Brothers The Harley Quinn show season 2 is currently running on the DCUniverse App. While I think the show is best binged I did watch last weeks Batgirl debut and loved it! I wish they’d get it together and bring those writer’s into the live-action film.

And I finished this whole post without an epic ode to Oscar and Jason. Go me! I hope everyone has a lovely, safe and healthy weekend!

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  1. I had no idea that Disney was releasing these books. It would be amazing if they were darker stories, but sadly I don’t see that happening. I’m still going to check them out.

  2. Oscar’s beard is a blessing during the pandemic. lol Something to look forward to this winter for sure! I had no idea Disney was releasing a new Belle series and will check it out when it’s released. Hopefully it’s not too toned down for kids/teenagers and tries to reflect the time period.

  3. I’m excited for Dune. I got about four books into the series when I was in college and saw the movie with Kyle MacLachlan. Hoping this one is better.

  4. I remember there was quite a lot of commotion surrounding the casting on Twitter and that the characters were miscast. I don’t know enough about the characters to comment, but I’ve never gotten around to reading the book and I don’t think I will, but weirdly I’m excited to watch the film… plus it’ll take less time to watch than read the book.

    You know what… I would be happy to see Belle during the French Revolution. I quite like your twist … just for the drama lol.

    I might have to look up more on Oscar… he is one beautiful man.

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