Venom II News, Looney Tunes & The Batman

Tweety Bird Gets Updated

Well I guess I’ll just do the bummer news first… Venom II got moved to next June.

To be honest it’s probably a good move for my favorite alien parasite considering how crowded this Fall’s box office is looking if there even is one.

venom close up

It’s probably saner for me too. I mean should everything stay the same this Fall will already be taken up by hot bearded space Oscar, big hot bearded Russian Hopper and Baby Yoda and daddy at home.

I can wait.

Plus is this things title actually Let There Be Carnage? I thought that was just a marketing hook or something. I’m not sure I like it as the title. We’ll see it on June 25, 2021.

The Batman actually moved as well. Not really a surprise since they were still fairly early in filming. That ones going from summer to October 1, 2021 a little over a month before Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness which is by far and away (well minus the supposedly connected Wandavision) my most anticipated film of Marvel or next year.

Wanda Maximoff in Wandavision

If only there was a character who could bend reality so we could all be there already… Maybe shoot us into 2021 while we try to get through 2020?

But in happier blast from the past news HBO Max released a trailer for their new Looney Tunes update:

It’s one of those things I loved as a kid and don’t exactly think about much these days but damn it if the trailer didn’t make me smile. I admit besides Looney Tunes and the Studio Ghibli films it’s not a service I’ve been entirely interested in. Though if you have HBO Now you get folded in and my mother does so it will hopefully be a very Looney Tunes summer!

The service launches May 27- though if you read the fine print on the site not all of the titles are going to be available immediately.

Tweety Bird has always been my favorite of the Looney Tunes characters and now that I think about it I think he’d get along great with Venom. Cross over appeal 🙂


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