Hamilton Moves Up & Mandalorian Casting News

Miranda in Hamilton

In a somewhat surprising turn of events (as least these days) a movie has actually moved up on the schedule and is going right to streaming!

Disney paid a pretty penny for the rights to the filmed version of Hamilton the Musical with the original cast and was planning to release it in theaters next year. They announced instead it will be streaming this July 3rd!

It will go directly to Disney + apparently. I’ve actually been pretty excited about this one. Living in California Broadway is out of my reach (and pocket) and I do admit the traveling shows for something like Hamilton especially just don’t have the appeal without the original cast (though I’m sure they are great) so I’m happy to see this one way early!

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 9.48.17 PM

Speaking of Disney + there’s been some Mandalorian casting news recently that I kind of wish I was unspoiled for so I’ll just link to the one I’m most excited about here and there’s the other big one that I hope is a fake out and not the character we’re all expecting!

According to the Disney CEO Baby Yoda is on track and won’t be getting delayed!

Maybe that’s why they moved Hamilton up? To take a bit of the sting out when they announce Wandavision is getting pushed which I’d bet is coming.

Meanwhile as theaters reopen there’s a lot pinned on Tenet for July 17th. It will be interesting to see if that one sticks the date and what the marketing campaign is going to look like. Well at least until this new Russell Crowe movie decided to go on July 1st…

Which I’m sorry I generally like Crowe but it’s definitely still going to be Tenet for me. Though I honestly think Mulan will be the real litmus test for the general audiences.

But until we get closer we’ll just have to keep speculating much like whether or not we’ll ever actually get to see The New Mutants!

And like one day after posting this New Mutants gets another new release date August 28th this makes 5 release dates and if it gets pushed again I’m just going to go ahead and give up on it!